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By Zecharia Sitchin

Given that earliest instances, people have reflected the incomprehensible questions of the universe, lifestyles . . . and the afterlife. the place did mortal guy visit sign up for the immortal Gods? used to be the colossal and intricate constitution at Giza an Egyptian Pharaoh's portal to immortality? Or a pulsating beacon equipped through extraterrestrials for touchdown on the earth? during this moment quantity of his trailblazing sequence The Earth Chronicles, Zecharia Sitchin unveils secrets and techniques of the pyramids and hidden clues from precedent days to bare a grand forgery on which confirmed Egyptology is based, and takes the reader to the Spaceport and touchdown position of the Anunnaki gods—"Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came."

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There's multiple heritage of the world.

prior to technology outlined the trendy age, different powers, wondrous and magical, as soon as ruled the universe, their lore perfected inside of a misplaced capital of hieroglyphs, wizard-kings, and outstanding monuments, no longer Egypt -- yet Ægypt.

What if it have been quite so?

within the Seventies, a historian named Pierce Moffett strikes to the hot England geographical region to jot down a ebook approximately Ægypt, pushed through an concept he dare no longer think -- that the actual legislation of the universe as soon as replaced and should swap back. but the suggestion isn't his on my own. whatever waits on the locked property of Fellowes Kraft, writer of romances approximately Will Shakespeare and Giordano Bruno and Dr. John Dee, whatever for which Pierce and people close to him have lengthy sought with no understanding it, a key, maybe, to Ægypt.

ElectricStory. com proudly provides the definitive textual content of John Crowley's Ægypt, newly edited and corrected in session with the author.

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Throughout the heyday of camel caravan traffic--from the 8th century CE arrival of Islam in North Africa to the early twentieth-century construction of ecu colonial railroads that associated the Sudan with the Atlantic--the Sahara was once one of many world's nice advertisement highways, bringing gold, slaves, and different commodities northward and sending either synthetic items and Mediterranean tradition southward into the Sudan.

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But it is clear that the Fig. 10 Fig. 11 ceremony was primarily symbolic, intended to open for the deceased the "mouth" or Entranceway to the Heavens. The mummy, by then, was tied up tight in many layers of material and was surmounted by the king's golden death mask. Thus, the touching of its mouth (or that of the king's statue) could have been only symbolical. Indeed, the priest intoned not the deceased, but the gods to "open the mouth" so that the Pharaoh could ascend toward eternal life. e. the masonry was built there to look like a doorway, but it was actually a solid wall.

C. C. These texts were sorted out and numbered by Kurt Sethe in his masterful Die altaegyptischen Pyramidentexte, which has remained the major reference source together with the English counterpart, The Pyramid Texts by Samuel A. B. Mercer. The thousands of verses that make up the Pyramid Texts seem to be just a collection of repetitious, unconnected incantations, appeals to the gods or exaltations of the king. To make some sense of the material, scholars have developed theories about shifting theologies in ancient Egypt, a conflict and then a merger between a "Solar Religion" and a "Sky Religion," a The Pharaoh's Journey to the Afterlife 45 priesthood of Ra and one of Osiris, and so on, pointing out that we deal with material that has been accumulated over millennia.

The divine messenger has arrived on the other side of the false door, ready to take the Pharaoh through the stone wall and launch him on his journey. Emerging through the false door on the eastern side of his tomb, the Pharaoh was instructed to set his course eastward. " He was to enter there "The Great House of Two . . " The first obstacle in the Pharaoh's course was the Lake of Reeds—a long body of marshy waters made up of a series of adjoining lakes. Symbolically, he had the blessing of his guardian god to cross the lake by parting its waters (Fig.

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