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By Michael R. Saso

Until eventually his dying in 1976 grasp Chuang, a descendant of 35 generations of Taoist clergymen, performed his old rituals for the good thing about a small band of believers in Taiwan. His kin, who claimed to have come from Hua Shan, the Taoist mountain in western China, the observances of the Dragon-Tiger Mountain sect in southeastern China. even if there are lots of conflicting Taoist faculties, the antiquity and authenticity of grasp Chuang's traditions can't be doubted. Michael Saso, a Western disciple of grasp Chuang, recounts the teachings of Taoist grasp Chuang, together with Taoist historical past as grasp Chuang understood it, the position of Taoist monks in sleek chinese language society, and grasp Chuang's personal rituals of Taoist black magic, meditation, and infrequently mentioned exorcistic thunder magic.

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