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Notice: Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: the interior Sea global advisor has changed this quantity because the major Pathfinder crusade environment e-book. The more moderen quantity has been elevated and up to date, and is designed to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game. And the PDF is more cost-effective, too!

Golarion, the intriguing international of the Pathfinder event Paths and Pathfinder Modules, comes alive during this colossal 256-page full-color hardcover tome primed up and able to opt for your new crusade! targeted sections on greater than forty nations—from the frontiers of Varisia to the devil-tainted towns of Cheliax to the frigid carry of the monstrous Lords—provide a whole photograph of the realm of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings, with new ideas, new magic and spells, certain descriptions of greater than twenty gods and their religions, and a beautiful poster map detailing the complete crusade atmosphere. The Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment offers vintage adventuring type and state-of-the-art video game layout completely compatible for the world’s preferred roleplaying video game!

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Discover the secrets and techniques of scuffling with the undead with Pathfinder participant spouse: Undead Slayer’s guide! From senseless zombies to diabolical liches, the undead horrors of Golarion are as assorted as they're numerous—and slayers of all walks are had to go back those dread monsters to their graves. grasp a number of the strategies had to establish and conflict timeless foes, even if you’re a knightly order’s expert exorcist, a pupil pursing wisdom the undead own, or a rogue undead hunter with purposes your whole own.

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• an intensive exploration of 4 personality topics that conceal the various strategies of varied undead slayers, together with the righteous exorcist, the considerate necrologist, the merciful redeemer, and the ruthless stalker.
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• New adventuring equipment, alchemical goods, and slayer kits to ensure you have the instruments essential to lay undead creatures low.
• New spells, feats, magic goods, and extra to make sure your subsequent come upon with the undead isn’t your last.

This Pathfinder participant spouse is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be integrated into any fable world.

Written by means of Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover paintings by way of Michal Ivan

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Someone of a low caste only recently earned the right to be born as a human, while those of the highest castes are celebrated as examples of what good deeds over multiple lives can do for a soul. The ultimate goal of all this rebirthing is to serve the gods as an Anucara (“follower”) in Nirvana. Hierarchies exist within the castes as well. ” In general, people closer to the Vudrani ideal (light, but not too light) tend to be of a higher standing in a caste. ” Throughout Vudrani society, such heavy emphasis is placed on the creation and care of male offspring that female infanticide remains a constant problem.

In fact, the success with which hard-luck tales and wide-eyed impoverished children (especially those of obviously Taldan descent) can convince a Taldan to donate hard-earned coins further leads to the view of others that Taldans throw about their wealth with little concern for the future. This hedonism, critics observe, frequently is the reason why many adults fall on hard times and must turn to their fellows for additional aid. 31 Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting Language: Tien Favored Regions: Favored Deities: Absalom, Katapesh, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Realm of the Mammoth Lords, Tian Xia, Varisia Irori, ancestor worship, animistic nature worship, kami Names: Names vary greatly across the many people of Tian Xia, although the Tian people universally offer their family names first.

They speak Varisian. 37 Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting Language: Vudrani Favored Regions: Favored Deities: Absalom, Jalmeray, Katapesh, Nex, Osirion Gruhastha, Irori, Suyuddha, hundreds of others Names: Most Vudrani have three names: a given name, a middle name (usually the father’s given name), and a family name. Both given and family names vary greatly by region, religion, and caste, and the examples provided here only touch upon the most common given names for either sex. Male Names: Bala, Barid, Dakshi, Darpan, Hava, Krama, Mahasi, Manujyestha, Nitha, Pratapa, Sajan, Sumna, Viraj, Yantur Female Names: Abha, Anahita, Harita, Hema, Isa, Jayazi, Lalitya, Nagina, Navya, Padma, Parvati, Rati, Sajni, Viraji, Zaci Vudrani T he Vudrani strive for enlightenment and personal betterment, but they do not often reach beyond their station.

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