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Golarion is an outdated international, or even its oldest civilizations stand atop the ruins of extra historic international locations, lengthy misplaced to the ravages of time. all of the six towns provided during this publication deals adequate new demanding situations and treasures to help a whole crusade of any point. Take your online game into the nice unknown and make heritage at your table!

Lost towns during this 64-page booklet include:
• Ilvarandin, a teeming city hidden deep within the treacherous Darklands, governed through sinister creatures who offer the outside with a wierd drug, by which they plan to enslave the complete world’s dreams
• Kho, the crashed flying urban of the traditional Shory, whose still-sputtering magical engines entice explorers to the verdant Mwangi Expanse—and into the clutches of its resident marids, plague-bearing daemons, and winged ape-men
• Storasta, the once-verdant jewel of Sarkorian civilization now enveloped by way of the Worldwound, the place the corrupted forces of nature conflict the hordes of the Abyss for control
• The sunlight Temple Colony, the place humanity struggles opposed to a twisted godling and a fire-spewing orbital lens in an try to identify civilization at the ruined continent of Azlant
• Tumen, the traditional Osirian cliff-city, the place cultists, golems, and desolate tract elementals shield the best works of long-forgotten pharaohs
• Xin-Shalast, urban of Greed, within which gold-paved streets and crumbling mountainside monoliths bring about final wealth and the unusual otherworld of the Plateau of Leng

Lost towns of Golarion is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and Pathfinder crusade environment, yet can simply be utilized in any delusion video game atmosphere.

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This Pathfinder participant better half is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be included into any fable world.

Written by means of Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover paintings by means of Michal Ivan

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Each domed observatory is built along a radiant curve in an orrery-like arrangement, and their structure and placement highlight significant celestial alignments. Perched on the highest bluff, the Sun Temple glows even in daylight, and radiates extreme heat (see page 444 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook) throughout the area. Constructed in classic Azlanti style, the high-domed shrines here are seamlessly grown from a coral-like structure by some lost arcane method. The spiraling columns of the main temple support a massive crystal dome, and lens-like windows allow as much light as possible into the grand central hall.

The pitiless plants of Carrock’s host, however, have no such appetites, though his fey can be persuaded with gifts when the mood strikes them. Most in Storasta respect only power, and only when it is nearby. Storasta contains many sites of interest (and danger) to those who visit its tainted streets. Most of the city is covered in light or heavy undergrowth (except the Rushwaters, where light and dense rubble are found instead). Barraza Island: This small island near the west bank of the Sarkora was once a sacred druid circle, though its standing stones and grove were long ago pillaged for Carrock’s How.

CR 1 lacedon ghoul 1 1d3 mining beetles 1 1 plague steed* 1 1d3 yellow musk zombies 1 1 abyssal tick swarm* 1 1d6 grindylows 2 1 dretch 2 2d3 stirges 2 1 fiendish werewolf 3 1 lacedon ghast 3 1 cairn wight 4 1 centipede swarm 4 1 advanced freshwater merrow 4 1 fiendish dryad 4 1 leech swarm 4 Source Bestiary 146 Bestiary 33 Page 32 Bestiary 285 Page 32 Bestiary 2 148 Bestiary 60 Bestiary 260 Bestiary 198, 294 Bestiary 146 Bestiary 276 Bestiary 43 Bestiary 2 189, 292 Bestiary 116, 294 Bestiary 187 Storasta 81–85 1d3 assassin vines 86–90 1 giant river (moray) eel 91–95 1 green hag 96–100 1 scrag 5 5 5 5 SHADES OF THE FALLEN Bestiary 22 Bestiary 119 Bestiary 167 Bestiary 268 There is a strong psychic and spiritual residue of Storasta’s slaughtered defenders, the unquiet remains of the last stalwart host of Sarkoris.

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