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By F. Wesley Schneider

Cast by means of legends and bearing the may of immortal beings, artifacts own world-shattering talents a ways past the powers of even the main devastating mortal magic. yet artifacts are born, now not purely crafted. in the back of each fantastic artifact lies an both impressive story, one of these background that point and sweetness rework into legend.

Incredible guns just like the awl of the Dwarvish Lords and the Seven Swords of Sin furnish wielders the instruments to elevate or devastate international locations, magical wonders just like the Codex of the limitless Planes and the booklet of the Damned unencumber secrets and techniques no mortal was once intended to regulate, and unimaginable treasures just like the Orbs of Dragonkind and the time-shattering employees of a long time furnish bearers mastery over the legislation of fact. strength to rival the gods and the truths at the back of the Pathfinder crusade setting’s private secrets and techniques lie within—but are just for the bold.

Artifacts and Legends unearths dozens of the Pathfinder crusade setting’s so much notorious and noteworthy magic treasures, guns, armor, and devices.

Inside this booklet you'll find:
• New, revised, and increased principles for greater than 60 significant and minor artifacts, from the focuses of fan-favorite adventures and experience Paths to legends from the annals of roleplaying video game history.
• Ramifications of utilizing each significant artifact, offering in-game concerns, suggestion, and event hooks.
• New concepts to assist avid gamers study artifacts and unencumber their secrets.
• Metagame artifacts, giving GMs campaign-altering instruments to take on universal video game desk issues resembling forgotten familiars and rebuilding characters.

Artifacts and Legends is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can be utilized in any delusion video game atmosphere.

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This Pathfinder participant spouse is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be integrated into any delusion world.

Written through Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover artwork by means of Michal Ivan

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As her son Dahak and her and the partner Apsu battled kaleidoscopic mortal beings created in their images slaughtered one another, the chaotic queen, Tiamat, shed 10 tears. Through the ethers these tears fell, crystallizing the goddess's will, and each landing upon the fallen form of a different draconic hero. The souls of these dragons entered the tears, bestowing each with the power of and undeniable authority over its kin. Soon after, all of these perfect spheres, glistening with the varied hues of draconic paragons, were claimed by lesser dragons.

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