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This publication offers with structures owning a endless variety of levels in freedom. therefore the math in the back of is easily understood. The authors current it in a sort available to a large neighborhood of theoretical physicists. a number of purposes, together with structures with Grassmann variables, are defined intimately.

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N). Recall that the probability È{ i , j } that some independent events i and j both occur, is given by the product of the probabilities of the simple events: È{ i , j } = È{ i }È{ j }. 50) is a product tells us that, given the present position x(t) of the Brownian particle, the distribution of x(t ) at some later time t (in the future) is completely determined and does not depend on the past history of the path taken by the particle. This is the characteristic property of a Markov chain introduced in the preceding subsection.

59) d x 1 · · · d x n w(x 1 , . . , x n )g(x 1 , . . , x n ) def −→ F[ f (τ )] ≡ f (τ ) [ f (τ )]F[ f (τ )]. 60) Here and throughout the book the notation · · · denotes an expectation (mean) value (in an appropriate sense which varies in different parts of the book) and f (τ ) symbolically denotes a functional measure. In the case of Brownian motion, we have f (τ ) [ f (τ )] ≡ dW x(τ ). 60), we have assumed that the probability distributions are normalized. Sometimes it is convenient to use non-normalized functional distributions, writing F[ f (τ )] = f (τ ) [ f (τ )]F[ f (τ )] .

56) The same is true for Wiener integrals with a functional F[x(τ )] as the integrand (we shall discuss path integrals with functionals in more detail in the next subsection): {0,0;t } dW x(τ ) F[x(τ )] = ∞ −∞ d xt {0,0;x t ,t } dW x(τ ) F[x(τ )]. 53)). 47) takes the form {x 0 ,0;x t ,t } dW x(τ ) = ∞ −∞ dx {x 0 ,0;x ,t } dW x(τ ) {x ,t ;x t ,t } dW x(τ ). 58) ♦ Similarity between the notions of ‘probability’ and ‘measure’ Starting from the Brownian transition probability and distribution we have naturally arrived at the measure and integral over the functional infinite-dimensional space of all trajectories x(τ ).

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