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By Rainer K. Baehre

There was once a time in historical past while the ocean was once as very important because the land for outlining a country's social and cultural id. Outrageous Seas is set that point, and concerning the harrowing, virtually mythic, adventure of shipwreck, near-shipwreck, and survival in waters off Newfoundland. travelers from many walks of existence - explorers and missionaries, investors, fishers and mariners, local Peoples, aristocrats and immigrants - have left infrequent and interesting first-hand debts of such mess ups. Their narratives span 4 centuries and contact many historic sub-themes akin to the allure of faith in occasions of hindrance, gender roles, and the ocean-as-workplace. except its noticeable scholarly attraction, this assortment conjures up psychic responses to calamity and brushes with demise, probably the main common event of all.

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There are many references to wrecking in Newfoundland waters, including those from the 1830s provided by Archdeacon Wix and recounted here. Whether wrecking was a cultural import or a product of the bleak social and economic conditions associated with isolated outports is subject to some speculation. This was especially so in Newfoundland, because settlement had long been discouraged, no grants of land were allowed before 1813, and no roads were built prior to 1840. Many of those who lived on the coast outside St.

According to this account, a violent encounter then ensued between these Europeans and North American native peoples (they never recorded any non-violent encounters), whom they identified only as INTRODUCTION skmelings. The Norse came upon three skin boats with three men hidden under each, and then others arrived, whom they attacked, killing eight. 85 Five hundred years later other well-known explorers likely faced similar instances of shipwreck and aboriginal hostility. " This event, it has been argued, may have delayed English interest in the colonization of Newfoundland for several decades.

John's were isolated, poor, and self-reliant. W. " He was convinced that the proceeds of a shipwreck were regarded as providential and that to take possession of them was a sign of resourcefulness. Like Edward Wix nearly half a century earlier, he claimed that "everything specially good about the fishermen's houses" were probably from the proceeds of wrecks. In general, however, the extent of the practice is not known and the subject still requires further scholarly study. There are nevertheless some examples of very aggressive wrecking in Newfoundland.

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