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By Idries Shah

Does there lie in mankind's distant previous a unmarried beginning for the ideals and practices of magic present in approximately each tradition on the earth? in the back of the distortions and grotesqueries of magical practices, may there be clues to procedures worthwhile of our target attention? First released approximately 40 years in the past, "Oriental Magic" continues to be the definitive paintings at the topic. Its ebook was once the end result of 5 years of study into infrequent artifacts, vague manuscripts and travels into distant parts the place unusual magical practices suffer. The "Singing Sands" of Egypt, the invisible rulership of Sufism, subcutaneous electrical energy, and the prehistoric assets of Babylonian occult practices are only many of the interesting topics defined. the writer contains own bills of "training" less than a Ju-Ju witch general practitioner, an indication of Hindu levitation, and translations of mystery alchemical and magical formulae. printed is an marvelous similarity in magical ideals, practices and terminology of locations as different as China, the close to East, Scandinavia and Africa. "Oriental Magic" incorporates a myriad of illustrations, together with precise pictures of areas and other people linked to the mysterious international of magic. purely an writer of Shah's event, commitment, and information of human nature may possibly gather such an array of arcane details right into a unbelievable photo of human ideals and practices. This iteration is bound to draw the eye of a brand new new release of readers.

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In Kordofan, both men and girls perform ritual dances wh~se purpose may be described as magical. Like the Southerners, white powder or bone-ash is sometimes used to smear over the body. In Taloda, shaven heads and horse-tail switches play an important part in ritual dancing, which is here performed communally by groups of tribesmen.. , While hidden beliefs datlng from dynastlc tlmes stlll lurkparticularly among the Copts-in modern Egypt itself, it is in the border areas of the Northern Sudan that the lingering superstitions and practices of four thousand years ago may be found.

Twin capitals of the Nile's junction. travellers· regularly bought 'secrets' from the natives. A flourishing market in spells exists and thrives: so rampant. indeed, was this practice that I had to take an interpreter with me to some areas to explain my intention. I told the Nuba chiefs that I was a different kind of traveller. My work. I said. was writing books. so that those who came after would read the history and customs of their people: and hereperhaps surprisingly-I found a ready audience.

No enlightenment, no benefit, no understanding therefrom. Q,1es of the 'Dancing Dervishes'--and the latter are in no way put out by the 66 ORIENTAXo MAGIC THE FAKIRS AND THEIR DOCTRINES presence ofinfidels, unioitiates or even detractors. It is their unshakeable belief that their ceremonies and repetitions of formulae (Dhikr) are efficacious only for those who are initiated. Newcomers, having been introduced into the circle of Sufis, generally attend for several sessions of recitation, repetition of holy phrases, singing or dancing, depending upon the Order in question.

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