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This outpost of British power was then only five years old. During their month's sojourn in Port Jackson, the Spanish set up an observatory on the harbour foreshore at Bennelong Point for astronomical observations and for experiments with the pendulum. This was the first scientific expedition to visit the British settlement. The naturalists and illustrators were busy recording the unique fauna and flora of this newly discovered but ancient continent. Malaspina was appraising the success of the settlement.

5 Coastal locations of Australia 41 Oceanography in the days of sail The Scientific Voyage of Malaspina, 1789-1794, Goes Unreported In 1789, the Spanish court under Carlos IV financed an extensive voyage of discovery into the Pacific. The aim of this expedition was no longer merely geographic discovery for commercial advantage or colonisation. The search for Terra Australis Incognita was over. This was to be a voyage for science, for which two 350 ton frigates had been specially built at Cadiz.

The naturalist on board the Resolution, Johann Reinhold Forster, also participated in the experiment. A Fahrenheit thermometer was enclosed in a protective container fitted 35 Oceanography in the days of sail with valves which was lowered from the side of a boat and left down fifteen to thirty minutes to allow the thermometer to take on the temperature of the surrounding water. The retrieval time for the first experiment, according to Forster, but refuted by Wales, was an over-long twenty-seven minutes.

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