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Иллюстрированная энциклопедия зарубежных кораблей и судов науки от первых, зачастую случайно приспособленных под исследовательские цели парусников, до современных научных кораблей и судов специализированной постройки.

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This was established in accordance with a plan which Goldsborough himself had suggested. His long and varied naval career was interrupted when he look leave to participate in the Seminole Indian War commanding a company of mounted ments, Depot volunteers. S. Stliiioner E\iwriinciU Built in 1831 by (he Washington Navy Yard. From 1835 to 1838 was assigned to the Coast Survey. S. S. Exploring lixpcNjition which ended four years later after having sailed completely around the world. He served with the Coast Survey from 1842 (o 1843 and advanced to the rank of Commander.

The War funds appropriated finally in the immediately sailed for Europe where of 1812, however, prolonged his stay and Hassler did not return to the United States until 1815. In 1818, Congress, charging that Hassler's excluded Hassler and other work was lagging, placed the Survey under the Navy and personnel from further work. The Survey of the Coast was thus civilian would not reappear again until 1832. During this period of suspension Hassler had a appointment to survey the northeast boundary between the United States and Canada as specified by the Treaty of Ghent.

Shortly thereafter fate again became the hunter when the Porpoise aggressive action against a sniper against disappeared at sea without a trace. Following the completion of the expedition, a special office was established in Washington, D. C, in 1857, with Rodgers as superintendent to publish the War precluded further expeditions work was never accomplished. The final results of the expedition. Although several charts were published, the efforts and a complete publication of the irony occurred when the Chicago fire in Civil 1871 destroyed the expedition's stored invertebrate collection.

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