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By G. J. Roy

This revised textual content, geared toward applicants taking certification as marine engineers on service provider ships, covers modern tools and platforms

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This device does not depend upon shaft twist over a given length for operation. Tachometers. Fig. 51(a) shows a simple mechanical tachometer employing a weighted arm or ball which moves out of position due to centrifugal force. This DRIVE Fig. 51(a) Tachometer (mechanical) Fig. 51(b) Tachometer (magnetic drag) 39 MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUMENTS SHAFT DRIVEN TRANSMITTER Fig. ) SUPPLY Fig. ) movement of the arms operates the pointer over the rpm scale. It operates in the same direction for ahead and astern running.

44. VARIABLE AREA FLOW METERS Fig. 45(a) shows one type known as a Rotameter. Here the float rises and falls in proportion to the rate of fluid flow through the tapered tube, thus adjusting the annular area between the float and the tube wall. Equilibrium is achieved when the downward gravitational force on the float is balanced by the upward force 31 FLOW M E A S U R I N G η DEVICES π — — Fig. 4 4 Seal Pots 1 i ] Ι I Fig. 45(b) Variable Area Meter (Ported Type) 2 VERTICAL. DISTORTION FREE. α .

41, has the advantage of requiring a shorter length of straight pipe upstream to give smoother entry than the orifice plate. It is less susceptible to errosion and will permit accurate measurement of approximately two-thirds more fluid at the same differential head than the thin plate orifice, and this is one of the main reasons for its choice. It also has a slightly improved pressure recovery and a discharge coefficient of 0-99. Fig. 42 Vcnturi ^ Fig. 41 Flow Nozzle The venturi is not commonly used as it is more expensive than the flow nozzle and the latter does the same work with sufficient accuracy.

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