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By Fredrik Hagen

This booklet publishes a formerly unknown choice of hieratic ostraca from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. The texts comprise a extensive variety of genres, together with knowledge literature, spiritual hymns, magical texts, scientific recipes, deepest letters, administrative notes, scribal routines (Kemit), and copies of tomb inscriptions. each one ostracon is gifted with images, facsimile drawings and hieroglyphic transcriptions, in addition to translations and short philological commentaries. a number of the texts will be associated with the village of Deir el-Medina on inner proof, and the booklet bargains new info to students operating with fabric from this recognized website.

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Line x+: ). (rd) is probably to be translated ‘soles’ (Hagen a: ; pace Janssen : Line x+: The exact nature of mrht . is disputed, but seems often to have had a generic meaning of ‘fat’, ‘ointment’, ‘oil’, or similar; see Koura (: –) for a discussion of the relevant material, and cf. Sherman (: ). Line x+: The kbs, ‘grain basket’ was a fibre basket of a standardised size, the volume of which was  oipe, or just under  litres; Janssen (: ) noted that the use of the word for this object may be local to Deir el-Medina.

Carnarvon (Posener : pl.  line ), which has been translated as Tablet II has sfn [. ] k. t . ‘The merciful—the cow bears for him’ (Parkinson : ), but the sign left untranscribed by Posener (: ) may suggests that that text is corrupt. t=f, ‘he multiplies his cattle’, makes sense in this context. Line : Restoring mn"ı, ‘herdsman’ at the beginning of the line, after Carnarvon Tablet II (Posener : ). ) is followed by the ‘pause’-sign in red, and a date. Such dates have been interpreted as a sign that copies are scribal exercises (McDowell ), but if so the copyist was no beginning student; the hand is practised.

Cf. Luiselli : ). Line : The variant on O.  is illegible but is certainly not identical to that of P. Boulaq ; the space available and the versepoint before mrr confirms this, as do the traces towards the end of the line. Lines –: The final three lines seem to contain traces of a colophon. Only the beginning of this is preserved on line , but because the object is largely complete it seems most likely that the final two lines, of which only illegible traces are left, also formed part of the colophon, rather than a new and unrelated text.

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