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But the had last of what Holland called his 'wrecking Irishman was not about to give in at the first Two weeks after the disastrous first launch Holland slipped and folded himself into and attempt - and he his financial backers to convince. a little over 2 ft in the closed turret. launch and a space 3 moved gendy away emerged (90 cm) wide, he took on steam upstream. and slid a short distance away, broadly. His boat worked. 2 river. When turret smiling could run on the surface, submerge and resurface.

On 3 August 1958 nuclear submarine, reached the North Pole. The CATCHING UP 30 news of the historic voyage under the polar ice cap excited the world. But in Moscow, Premier Khrushchev had taken it badly. He had ordered the Soviet nuclear submarine commanders to catch up and pass the Americans' achieve- ments. The progress of Ossipenko and Zviltsov and the crew of the K-3 was about to be closely scrutinized as they to follow Nautilus to the North began Zviltsov succeeded Ossipenko as ABOVE A symbolic greeting for the K-3 arx its crew at the North Pole.

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