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By Laurie Fox

"I was once born right into a mentally in poor health family members. My sister used to be the formally loopy one, yet rather we have been all nuts."

So starts off My Sister from the Black Lagoon, Laurie Fox's incandescent novel of transforming into up absurd. Lorna Person's story is wrested from the shadows solid by means of her sister, Lonnie, whose rages command the complete cognizance of her mom and dad. Their San Fernando Valley loved ones is off-key and out of kilter, a spot the place Lonnie sees evil within the morning toast and runs into the Burbank hills to affix the animals that appear extra like her kinfolk. Lorna, however, is an acutely delicate lady who can't relate to Barbie. "Could Barbie believe sorrow? may possibly Barbie comprehend what it's prefer to be plump, lonely, Jewish?"

My Sister from the Black Lagoon is a wisecracked bell jar, a heartbreaking research of sane and loopy. Laurie Fox's pleasant voice is understanding but wide-eyed, lyrical, and witty.

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Perhaps the premier theorist of this tradition, Heinz Hartmann, read out of Freud ‘a non-conflictual sphere of the ego’’, including such functions as perception and motor co-ordination, autonomous of the drives and the conflicts they engender. (Hartmann, 1964, p. 162) Hartmann’s positing of conflict-free sphere of ego functioning has explicit implications for the theory of narcissism. According to Hartmann, we fall into categorical confusion if think of narcissism as cathexis of the ego as psychic system, rather than as, more simply, the self: The opposite of object cathexis is not ego cathexis, but cathexis of one’s own person, that is, self-cathexis.

Freud, 1917d, p. 225) For Green, this ‘absolute narcissism’ is the fundamental logic that links the Freud’s first dual drive theory (ego and sexual drives) to the second (life and death drives). What would be described in Beyond the Pleasure Principle as the organism’s will to extinguish all internal tension first appears as the desire for total decathexis of the ego. In many ‘secondary’ narcissistic forms, this desire is libidinised by the sexual drive and so made to serve the vital order. But even these derived forms are apt to display an underlying negativity which seeks nothing less (or more) than the nullification of all meaning, desire and relation.

The homosexual is in this respect his mother in disguise, loving boys “the way his other loved him when he was a child”. (Freud, 1910c, p. 100)4 Thus, neither this nor any other of Freud’s attempts to exemplify narcissism, to delineate its concrete forms, confirm the picture of monadic self-enclosure suggested by the metapsychological remarks of ‘On Narcissism’’s first part. Indeed, not even the autoerotic drives which precede narcissism proper can be said to have their source purely in themselves.

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