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By Mercedes Lackey

Eric Banyon, often called Bedlam's Bard, controlled to save lots of his younger brother Magnus from what a killer demon, yet now he needs to rescue Magnus from their tyrannical mom and dad. Eric doesn't wait for the custody conflict, yet his good friend Ria heads a high-powered legislation company, and in a pinch he can use bardic magic to fudge a DNA try out. yet Eric does not comprehend that his mom and dad are allied with evangelist Billy Fairchild, himself a device of the evil Unseleighe elves. If Magnus and his good friend Ace, who's additionally at the run from her twisted mom and dad, fall into Fairchild's palms, even Eric's bardic magic is probably not sufficient to avoid wasting them.

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I cannot use the Internet. The treaty will not permit it. Not yet. But Prince Arvin says I may write—if someone will take the letters," Jachiel added hopefully. "I can take them with me," Eric said. " He had no doubt they'd want to answer Jachiel's letters. "I'm sure we can work something out. " "I hope so," Jachiel said. " Eric couldn't help it; though Lady Rionne tensed, he reached out and patted the boy's hand. "They miss you, too. That was the last thing Magnus said before I left, that he was waiting to hear from you, and I know Ace feels the same way.

Bete Noir was the sort of place that would make a really depressed Goth feel right at home. In fact—Eric looked down to make sure, and nodded—even the grass was black. And he bet it was always night here, and the moon (a rather unsettling blood red one) was always full. A heaviness fell over his spirit, something that, had he not known from the moment it touched him that it came from outside him, would have forced him into a serious state of depression. Of course. It was much easier to impose your will on others when they were in despair.

This is just bizarre," Beth said, when Eric had filled her in. "If Maeve was missing, you'd better believe I'd have an all-points bulletin out. " "But one Unseleighe Elfhame would happily hold the child of another hostage, while treating him well," Kory pointed out. "And Protectors have been slain before. Such a loss would make Prince Gabrevys appear weak . . and any weakness is fatal among the Dark Court. " "Well, it's nice to know I'm doing him a favor," Eric said. "Just make sure he takes it in that spirit," Beth said dangerously.

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