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By Maxwell Steer

This transcultural number of articles makes an attempt to open the way in which for musicians to rediscover a convention of knowledge and mind's eye which has regularly existed as a component of the psyche.

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At the same time, I rejected atonal music as denying the harmonic nature of reality, while pop music and jazz were too vulgar to merit any consideration from the spiritual mountain top. I see now that in my zeal I was confounding the three elements of my title. My taste had narrowed to a musical world bounded by Monteverdi at one end, Debussy at the other, and heavily weighted towards keyboard music from Bach to Chopin. This was the music I most enjoyed to play and listen to. My spiritual practice had come to focus on abstract concentration, for which this music was a useful prelude.

26 ALLAN MOORE textural, timbral, harmonic and rhythmic, which can be viewed as having a metaphorical relationship to some of the ideas most commonly expressed in the lyrics. This is, of course, just an interpretation, but it is an interpretation which goes to suggest that the music is functioning as more than just a ‘backdrop to the lyrics’. Contemporary Music Review, 1996, Vol. 14, Parts 3–4, pp. V. Published in The Netherlands by Harwood Academic Publishers GmbH Printed in India ‘The Big Dream’ and ‘Birthright’ are on Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe; Arista, 1989.

The lesson they need to learn is one that barely anyone was in a position to learn before the twentieth century: that of self-awareness, in which the self and its prejudices are no longer the subject, but the object of knowledge. Inner Development As soon as one moves from the academic study and the everyday enjoyment of music into the realm of conscious work on oneself (which I prefer to the laden term ‘spiritual’), one has to uncover mercilessly one’s bondage to family, class, race, and circumstance, in order to approach one’s inner reality as a human being independently of all these.

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