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By Carlo Lauro, Jaromir Antoch, Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Gilbert Saporta

The significant concentration of the publication is on utilizing the equipment appropriate for an online and off-line method keep an eye on either within the univariate and multivariate case. The authors don't purely be aware of the normal state of affairs while the blunders accompanying the saw method are usually disbursed, but additionally describe intimately the extra basic occasions that decision for using the powerful and non-parametric methods. inside those methods, using fresh equipment of the multivariate research within the overall quality controls is more suitable with specific connection with the buyer pride sector, the tracking of period information and the comparability of styles generated from multioccasion observations. The authors conceal either pratical computational points of the matter and the required mathematical heritage, taking into consideration necessities of overall caliber control.

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89) where X2(k) = a~,~('l/J) { k(n~ k) (L::=1 ei,M('l/J) f + + [E~=l(Xi - Xn)2] . ,)2] . [E~=k+l (Xi - Xn)2] r} . 90) Off -line statistical process control 41 where an = -}2 log log nand bn ,2 = 2 log log n 1 + '2 log log log n. 2. 86) with the error terms having continuous distribution function F. Here we need an estimator of the slope parameter b. ). We denote this estimator by bn . Then we calculate the ranks R1 (bn), ... , Rn(bn ) of Y1 - X1bn,' .. ,Yn - xnbn. Of course, in practice we estimate both parameters a and b.

6. Continuous change in linear regression In this section we suppose that the regression slope may continuously change and thus test the hypothesis H against the alternative A: . i H : Yi = a + b . - + ei, n A : 3 m E {2, ... , n - 2} i = 1, ... ,n, such that i Yi = a + b . 82) + b . -n + C • -n- + ei, = 1, ... , m, i = m + 1, ... ,n, where c i- O. 83) where Ck is the least squares estimator of c under A supposing that the change occurred at the moment k. 85) 1-,6 log -,6-' 6. 1. 6 .. One has only to replace the least squares estimators and corresponding residuals by their M - and R-counterparts.

Aside that, we can obtain the approximation also through simulations. 7. Change in general linear regression We briefly survey procedures for detection changes in general linear models. We consider the testing problem: H : Vi = x~f3 + ei, A : :l m E {O, ... , n - I} i = 1, ... ,n, i = 1, ... , m, = m + 1, ... ,n, (L93) such that = x~f3 + x~15 + ei, i where f3 = ({31, ... , (3p) I and 15 = (81 , ... , 8p) I i- 0 are parameters, Xl, ... , Xn are p-dimensional vectors; el, ... ,en are random errors that are iid with zero mean, nonzero variance (]"2 and Eleil2+A < 00 for some Do > O.

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