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The 32-Gun Frigate Essex (Anatomy of the Ship)

This is often the best Anatomy of the send books. It offers info on American crusing frigate's which extra targeted books disregard. it really is a great creation to the U.S. army of the struggle of 1812. For British readers it's a well timed reminder that HMS Shannon used to be no longer the single winning Royal army Frigate of the warfare of 1812.

Managing 12 Volts: How to Upgrade, Operate, and Troubleshoot 12 Volt Electrical Systems

The best way to improve, function and troubleshoot 12-volt structures with emphasis on realizing what can be mistaken with a procedure and the way to enhance it with a multi-stage charging procedure. very good diagrams, transparent, concise writing.

The Supercarriers: The Forrestal and Kitty Hawk Class

The Supercarriers is a complete ancient review with vast images, maps, drawings, and operational aspect, together with all air-wing deployments. It covers all the Forrestal type supercarriers and the follow-on ships, that are primarily of an identical layout. The booklet is seriously illustrated with over 100 illustrations and maps masking the Western Pacific, Vietnam, Mediterranean, center East, Indian Ocean, and Caribbean.

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Commutator: A mechanical cylinder consisting of alternating segments of conductive and insulating material. This cylinder used in DC motors passes currents from the brushes into the rotor windings and performs motor commutation as the motor rotates. Compensation: The corrective or control action in a feedback loop system which is used to improve system performance characteristics such as accuracy and response time. Compensation, Feedforward: A control action which depends on the command only and not the error to improve system response time.

Hybrid Stepping Motor: A motor designed to move in discrete increments or steps. The motor has a permanent magnet rotor and wound stator. These motors are brushless and phase currents are commutated as a function of time to produce motion. Hysteresis: For a system with an analog input and digital output, the output value is dependent on both the input value and output state such that there is an input range over which the output can be high or low. I/O: Input/Output. The reception and transmission of information between control devices.

Absolute Programming: A positioning coordinate reference wherein all positions are specified relative to some reference, or Issued: Dec. 98 Copyright © 1998 Micro Mo Electronics, Inc. Page 29 “home” position. This is different from incremental programming, where distances are specified relative to the current position. AC Adjustable-Speed Drive: All equipment required to adjust the speed or torque of AC electric motor(s) by controlling both frequency and voltage applied to the motor(s). AC Servo Drive: A servo drive used to control either or both synchronous or induction AC motors.

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