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"Integrates the newest findings on metallized plastics and their far-reaching functions by way of greater than eighty well-known specialists from North the US, Europe, the center East, and Asia. Addresses either simple and utilized elements of the subject."

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2. Scanningelectronphotomicrographs various metallized films prepared the soaking method and modified 3wt% aqueous NaBQ solution at 70°C 2min. (A) Cu(II)-WASH unmodified; (B) Cu-FTASH; (C) CO-PTASH;(D) Ni-PTASH, (E) Ag-FTASH 36 Nakamae and Mohamed metallic appearance. In order to identify the nature of the reduction products generated on the surfaces of the chelates as a result of their modification, these surfaces were subjected to firthercharacterization by using X-ray diffraction. Figuresand 4 showX-raydiffractograms of variousmodifiedM-PTASHchelates.

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