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By Philip J Ivanhoe (ed.)

Trans. Irene Bloom

"Known all through East Asia as Mengzi, or "Master Meng," Mencius (391-308 B.C.E.) used to be a chinese language thinker of the past due Zhou dynasty, an instrumental determine within the unfold of the Confucian culture, and a super illuminator of its principles. Mencius used to be energetic through the Warring States interval (403-221 B.C.E.), during which competing powers sought to manage the declining Zhou empire. Like Confucius, Mencius journeyed to Read more...

summary: "Known all through East Asia as Mengzi, or "Master Meng," Mencius (391-308 B.C.E.) used to be a chinese language thinker of the overdue Zhou dynasty, an instrumental determine within the unfold of the Confucian culture, and an excellent illuminator of its principles. Mencius was once energetic in the course of the Warring States interval (403-221 B.C.E.), within which competing powers sought to manage the declining Zhou empire. Like Confucius, Mencius journeyed to at least one feudal courtroom after one other, looking for a formal lord who may positioned his teachings into perform. just a chief who possessed the ethical characteristics of a real king may possibly unify China, Mencius believed, and in his safety of Zhou rule and Confucian philosophy, he constructed an cutting edge and hugely nuanced method of realizing politics, self-cultivation, and human nature, profoundly influencing the process Confucian proposal and East Asian tradition. Mencius is a list of the philosopher's conversations with warring lords, disciples, and adversaries of ways, in addition to a suite of pronouncements on govt, human nature, and numerous different philosophical and political matters. Mencius is basically enthusiastic about the motivations of human actors and their means for mutual recognize. He builds at the Confucian thought of ren, or humaneness, and areas it along the complementary precept of yi, or rightness, advancing a posh suggestion of what's correct for yes members as they practice certain roles in particular occasions. for this reason, Mencius's effect used to be felt not just within the considered the highbrow and social elite but in addition within the price and trust platforms of all chinese language people."--Amazon.com

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How is this different from killing a person by stabbing him and then saying, ‘It was not I; it was the weapon’? ” Mencius said, “In your kitchen, there is fat meat, and in your stables fat horses. Yet the people have a hungry look, and out beyond, in the more wild regions, lie the bodies of those who have died of starvation. 11 Now, animals devour one another, and people hate this about them. If one governs as father and mother of the people and yet is not deterred from leading animals to devour people, in what sense is he father and mother of the people?

This is not to say that he does not present interesting and at times compelling arguments, only that this was not his aim or ideal. Readers should keep in mind his more practical concerns as they seek to gain a sympathetic understanding of his philosophy and life. At the core of Mencius’s theory of self-cultivation is a belief in the innate moral qualities and inclination of human nature. He is best known for his theory that human nature is good (xing shan ), and readers will find him discussing this topic in a variety of places in the text, most notably but by no means exclusively in the opening sections of the first part of book 6.

I replied: ‘There is no one in the empire who will deny it to him. Does the king know the way of seedlings? If there is drought in the seventh or eighth month, the seedlings dry out. But when dense clouds gather in the sky and the rain falls in torrents the plants spring up and are revived. When this happens, who can stop them? Now, among the herders of men in the world there is none who is not fond of killing people. If there were one who was not fond of killing people, the people of the empire would crane their necks to look for him.

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