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By R. Appleby

This ebook attracts on quite a number assets, together with stories of castaways, fictional narratives, and interviews with academics in dialog colleges and universities in Japan, to discover many present matters round instructor identification, gender, and intercultural sexuality in international English language instructing.

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Beasley (2008: 96), for example, points to the confusion that surrounds the meaning of hegemonic masculinity and argues that ‘we should rethink hegemonic masculinity as a political ideal, as a discourse’ that has ‘both ideational and practical material effects’. Further, Beasley emphasises that in a particular context, under the influence of global flows, several such discursive ideals may be operating at any one time. On the basis of empirical studies, Wetherell and Edley (1999) extend the analysis of hegemonic masculinity by adopting insights from discursive psychology that demonstrate how men position themselves as gendered beings through talk and interaction; and Speer (2001) takes up notions of hegemonic masculinity through approaches that feature conversation analysis.

192), others are repulsed by hypermasculine behaviour they regard as predatory and exploitative. Moreover, the status attached to being an English language teacher can counteract and detract from Western men’s otherwise-enhanced desirability. As Lan (2012: 1676) explains in the context of Taiwan, the social and economic status of ‘Western expatriates’ is highly stratified, with the top strata occupied not by English language teachers, but by Westerners appointed to lucrative multinational business or management positions.

Anxious to secure an American presence at the western edge of the Pacific, Perry’s mission demanded that Japan open its ports to trade with the West. With the subsequent enactment of commercial arrangements that were highly disadvantageous to the Japanese, it was inevitable that the Japanese would regard Westerners ‘with a mixture of fear, resentment, and admiration’ for decades to come (Leupp 2003: 126). Under increasing internal and external pressure, the shogunate eventually crumbled, and a new Japanese imperial regime was established with the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

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