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By Jiddu Krishnamurti

In this interesting assortment culled from teachings by no means sooner than introduced jointly in e-book shape, Krishnamurti bargains clever reflections and clean perceptions on love, politics, society, loss of life, self-censorship, relationships, solitude, meditation, non secular progress, and lots more and plenty more.

Through provocative meditations and in-depth solutions, Krishnamurti solutions such undying questions as:

  • What is meditation?

  • What are love and loneliness?

  • What may still our dating to authority rather be?

Meeting Life additionally includes a variety of Krishnamurti's talks, brought in Switzerland, India, England, and California, this is the profound knowledge of a liked instructor who moved hundreds of thousands together with his phrases. This thought-provoking and inspirational quantity will supply power and encouragement to somebody looking for insight.

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It is our mutual responsibility, isn’t it? Both of us have to look. The speaker may point out, but you have to look, you have to go into it, you have to learn. And if your mind is not diligent but negligent, if your mind is not watching, highly sensitive, it is your doing. That means you have to change your ways of life; everything has to be changed to learn a way of living which is entirely different. And that demands energy; you cannot be lazy, indolent. So since it is our mutual responsibility—maybe more yours than that of the speaker—perhaps, sir, you have not given your life to it.

It means so many things depending on circumstances. One day it is a particular response, and on another it has a wholly different significance. ’ This is what you call relationship. It is different degrees of sensory responses, of sentiment—romantic, if one is inclined that way—tenderness, attachment, loneliness, fear and so on (apprehension more than actual fear). This is called relationship with one particular person or another. You are also related to your ideals, hopes, to your experiences, conclusions.

Now I have realized that as long as I look with a motive, all looking is distorted. So is it possible to look without motive? It is the motive that is going to breed fear, obviously. So, a much more fundamental question is included in this: is it possible for any action to take place without motive? From BULLETIN 22, 1974 The State of not Knowing AN EXTRACT FROM A DISCUSSION WITH STUDENTS AT HUIZEN , HOLLAND , JUNE 1967 Questioner: Is it not a fact that with intense awareness while you are awake, you can have the experience of watching anger come and go within yourself without it touching your consciousness?

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