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The stylistic evolution of Mozart's Viennese instrumental repertory as a complete [1781-1791], heavily tied to historic and contextual strains of enquiry, has but to obtain systematic consciousness. This booklet fills the distance via a learn of stylistic re-invention, a virtually- and empirically-based concept that explains how cutting edge, putatively encouraged rules take form in Mozart's works and result in stylistic re-formulation.

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She had imbibed the Romantic world vision, for she was educated both in heart and soul by the century in which she lived. Like Liszt, she would ask the same fundamental questions on art, its mission and its deep links with man. Jaëll, Marie, Journal (unpublished) 45 1. Marie Jaëll and Her Century The spirit changes meaning and dimension. Man ceases to obey only the laws of logical mechanism of thought and reason. The most intimate regions of nature are awakened by this nascent sentimentalism, this mystical renewal.

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