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Service provider Princes of construction Many hate and revile them, but none shrink back their visits. they're contributors of the Guild, a mercantile association whose caravans and buying and selling ships pass the face of production. They care no longer for the need of princes or Exalts, yet just for revenue. a few regardless of it, whereas others idolize it, yet truthfully, the Guild cares no longer whether it is enjoyed or hated, as long as those that do company with it pay their accounts in complete. Masters of Jade and trade Manacle and Coin info the Guild, the best of thet international of Exalted's advertisement agencies. within are the main points of the Guild's constitution and strategies - and of its abominable alternate in addictive medications and slaves. Manacle and Coin additionally contains a proof of the financial structures of production, for Storytellers and gamers wanting a better measure of realism of their Exalted video games.

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Written through Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover paintings by means of Michal Ivan

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This bonus increases to +4 if you’re treating your favorite drinking buddy (your NPC of choice). NPC Choices: Ameiko, Sandru. Foreign-Tongued: Intrigued by the travels of one of your long-time acquaintances, you’ve convinced her to teach you one of the exotic languages she picked up in her journeys. Choose one of the following characters. You may select one of that character’s languages as a bonus language. Additionally, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks made to pass secret messages to the chosen character (see the description of the Bluff skill).

Ameiko: Tien, Varisian Koya or Sandru: Varisian Shalelu: Elven, Goblin 29 Player's Guide The Shattered Star Adventure Path draws near, and bold heroes are needed to track down the scattered parts of an ancient magical relic in order to save the land of Varisia from disaster. Will the PCs succeed in reforging the Shattered Star, or is the shadow of a lost empire long enough to cast the world into darkness once more? While the majority of the options in this book help tie characters to the people and plots of Varisia, the following considerations and campaign traits are customized for the Shattered Star Adventure Path.

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