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By C D Rudd, A C Long, K N Kendall, C Mangin

Offers a different perception into the improvement and use of liquid moulding techniques, with a entire description of the fabrics, method editions, apparatus, keep watch over innovations and tooling innovations used throughout various automobile and aerospace industries.

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1 m long, 150 mm diameter component occupying approximately 2 minutes. Ramping of the tool temperature following tool impregnation up to 75 0C provided an injection cure cycle of approximately 15 minutes. The results of the pilot provided information for the design of a volume production facility for components based on RTM. Several successful airframe parts have been developed by Dow-UT (USA) for the F-22 and Fl 17-A fighter aircraft. 14 Other applications include engine inlet glands and fuselage frames, both of which are fracture critical, having equivalent or improved structural properties compared with pre-pregs and demonstrably lower void levels.

General Motors (USA) and their suppliers have developed considerable expertise in this area. New application areas under investigation include under-hood parts such as radiator supports, lamp housings and oil pans. 6), truck beds and floor pans. Current uses of this technology include the use of SRIM parts on the Camaro, Firebird, Roadmaster, Corvette and Bonneville models in volumes ranging from 20 000 to 50 000 vehicles per year. Combination fabrics are preformed prior to loading, evacuation and injection of Dow Spectrim, a polyol based foaming resin.

13 Ford Transit extra high roof mould arrangement (courtesy Concargo Ltd). The mould manufacturing process proceeded by taking composites reversals from the master model using sheet wax to represent the cavity thickness. 7) were made from these reversals and stiffened prior to plating. The finished shells of 3 mm nickel and 3 mm copper backing were bonded using aluminium powder filled epoxy to cast aluminium alloy mould stiffeners which were themselves made in three pieces. A final polishing and flatting operation was used to provide the final cavity dimensions and high surface quality.

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