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2. invasion the return followed Libya led to the resignation of the members of parliament , blamed the previous government , and especially with direct responsibility for the failures which brought about the Italian invasion of Libya . The CUP blamed the government , but was also blamed by its own political enemies for the situation. In of the establishment of a parliamentary conrnittee of investigation to find those responsible for the invasion , no one was officially blamed and most members of Ibrahim Hakk1 Pa;;a ' s government were absolved .

The campaign against Ibrahim Hakk1 Pa;;a ' s government was conducted by two Tripolitanian Members of Parliament , Sadiq and Naji immed iately after the war broke out . The two composed a long and detailed memorandum reviewing the political and military errors of the Ottoman Government which led to the invasion . They demanded that the Grand Vezir, mid-October Ibrahim 191 1 , Hakk1 this Pa;;a, reached the stage be charged with negligence. In handed over to a special 1 its accusations. 4 But this commi ttee memorandum committee for examination of never before Thus , activity in the Otto�3n Empire .

It was not these pretexts which determined the timing Such favouritism towards Italy stemmed from the minor of the invasion . One of Italy ' s main claims in justifying its consideration paid in Europe to guaranteeing Ottoman rights . Britain occupation of L ibya was the bad treatment by the local authorities and also hoped that in exchange for supporting Ital y , population in Libya of Italians living there. There were few facts to it would gain a ��ples better return -- militarily, politically and economically -- than it back up this claim, was possible to get from the Ottomans in exchange for supporting them.

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