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By Pauline C. Lee

A philosophical research of the paintings of 1 of the main iconoclastic thinkers in chinese language heritage, Li Zhi, whose ethics prized spontaneous expression of real feelings

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Li spoofs the hypocritical and unimaginative scholar-bureaucrat and privileges the values and life of people in the countryside. In these early lines of “A Sketch of Zhuowu” Li claims ground for what I argue throughout this book is at the very heart of his thought: the virtue of “genuineness” (zhen 真) and desire, and an ethics founded on the spontaneous expression of true “feeling” (qing 情). Thus far we have done no more than study the very first line of Li’s “autobiography” and examine the names Li uses in his essay to refer to himself.

II. NA M ES Biographies most commonly begin with the names of the individual under study. ”21 In the first three lines of his Critical Biography of Li Zhuowu, Rong Zhaozu begins by listing Li Zhi’s many sobriquets. His birth name (chu ming 出名) is Zaizhi. His “style” (hao 號) is Zhuowu and also Duwu 篤吾. He was born in Quanzhou, the auspicious land of Chan Master Wenling, and so Li adopted the name the Layman of Wenling (Wenling jushi 溫陵居士). 22 Li Zhi, as with most any literatus throughout Chinese history, is known by many names.

Certainly I am willing to be here. But she weeps for me day and night to the point that she is blinded in both eyes. If she sees that I have not returned, she will certainly die. ” But her words and her deep feeling had no effect on her husband: “The Layman was not moved. ” And so, in turn she holds back these feelings: She held back her tears, changed her expression, and admitting her faults said, “Alright. Alright. First thing, when you see my mother, tell her that I am fine as always and in good health.

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