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By Toshiro Kageyama

Many cross books promise to give an explanation for the basics; this is one who fairly retains its promise. Kageyama's matters are connectivity, sturdy and undesirable form, the way in which stones may still 'move', the variation among territory and spheres of impact, tips to use thickness and partitions, tips to teach your self to learn, the place to begin having a look in a life-and-death challenge — concerns so primary that different writers pass over them thoroughly. He additionally issues out the appropriate how one can research — tips to learn joseki, for instance. 'What replaced me from an novice right into a expert used to be getting a very company grip at the fundamentals,' writes Kageyama. The essence of 7 years of novice and twenty-two years enjoying adventure are distilled into those pages, and they're choked with recommendation that anybody will locate useful.

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Written by way of Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover artwork via Michal Ivan

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The Oracles, those Atlanteans who originally opposed the Exarchs, also exist in the higher realms, ready to aid those who strive once more for the heavens. This cause is supported by the magical orders, who have kept the stories of Atlantis alive throughout the ages of darkness. Just how mages are supposed to go about overthrowing an unseen, celestial foe is a matter for intense debate among the orders, but almost all agree that the place to start is through opposing the Exarch’s puppets: the Seers of the Throne, an order of mages dedicated to serving the will of the Exarchs.

Mages devised terrible punishments for those who would reveal the Mysteries to uninitiated Sleepers. In the chaos of the escape from the ruins of the island, the Atlantean orders spread in all directions, finding new ports in nearly every part of the populated world. Sundered from one another, their once unified philosophy splintered, and each order’s goals became exalted over the others. Where before each order served a purpose balanced by the other orders, playing one part in a whole, they all now tried to subsume the roles of the others into their own hierarchies, each seeing itself as the center or sole weave in the Great Pattern.

While Mastigos “warlocks” are often associated with diabolists and demon-summoners (those who make deals with the Devil), they are more properly the masters of such infernal urges, those who by dint of will command that within them which is most unsavory. While all men sin, the Mastigos learn from the foibles of the mortal coil and use them to attain higher power. Moros A mage who walks the Path of Doom, treading the barren wastes and black rivers of the realm of Stygia to attain the Watchtower of the Lead Coin.

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