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By Moid Siddiqui

Leading from the center: Sufi rules at Work merges administration with spirituality. the writer has given Sufi sagacity, a subject matter of spirituality, a brand new measurement through mixing it with management in all nation-states of lifestyles. The booklet is an try and sensitise the hearts and fill the souls of managers and leaders with Sufi sagacity. It aspires to rebuild self belief in historical values, virtues and knowledge, that are distancing from us with the passage of time. It assists readers in taking a pointy U-turn from ‘what we predict is sweet’ to ‘what is actually good’. 

inside of those pages, the reader will locate an exhaustive examine of many Sufis and their suggestions in prose and poetry. in addition to Sufis, the publication additionally specializes in chinese language philosophy, in particular Wu Wei, Tai Chi, Yin/Yang and iChing, and on Lao Tzu’s booklet Tao Te Ching. those complicated philosophies were provided in an obtainable manner.

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This e-book is anxious with the advanced and certainly tricky query of the connection among Buddhism and Brahmanism/Hinduism (Vedism, Shivaism, Vishnuism, and so forth. ) in India, and among Buddhism and native non secular cults in Tibet and likely different elements of the Buddhist international together with Japan. even if they're essentially now not exact twins introduced forth by means of the Indian spiritual soil, Buddhism and Brahmanism/Hinduism are heavily similar siblings.

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Krishnamurti is a number one non secular instructor of our century. within the First and final Freedom he cuts away symbols and fake institutions within the look for natural fact and excellent freedom. via discussions on agony, worry, gossip, intercourse and different subject matters, Krishnamurti’s quest turns into the readers, an project of great importance.

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Responding to the “Asian values” debate over the compatibility of Confucianism and liberal democracy, Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan, through Joel S. Fetzer and J. Christopher Soper, bargains a rigorous, systematic research of the contributions of Confucian inspiration to democratization and the security of ladies, indigenous peoples, and press freedom in Taiwan.

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If the word secular cannot give this meaning, it is time to redefine this word so it may give the desired meaning, which we really mean while using this word secular. If we go with the spirit (not meaning), secularism stands for a modern political and legal principle, which involves two basic tenets. The first is that people belonging to different faiths and sections of society are equal before the law and the constitution and government policies. The second requirement is that there should be no discrimination against anyone on the basis of religion or faith, nor should there be any room for the hegemony of one religion or majoritarian religious sentiment and aspirations.

You must tune your ears not to get intoxicated with praise and pleasant words of the schemers. You must also train your ears not to hear the whispers of the gossipmongers, who always pollute the society with their exaggerated narrations of fact, sprinkling spices. Seven centuries ago seven white doves rose from a deep valley flying to the snow-white summit of the mountain. ’ Today the people in that valley tell of seven black doves that flew to the summit of the snowy mountain! 7 It does not take much time for miscommunication of a factual incident.

The law of the Lord, therefore, forbids too close an enquiry into the essence of spirit. Many manage from the lower levels of leadership-consciousness and disappear like the water bubbles. Only those who move to higher levels of consciousness, leave behind them their footprints on the sands of time for the guidance of mankind. Leading Dil Se with Sufi Sagacity is leading from higher levels of leadership-consciousness— lower levels find no place in this book. Sell your Cleverness and buy Bewilderment!

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