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By K. Stollznow

Can a bump at the head reason somebody to talk with a special accessory? Can animals, extraterrestrial beings, and gadgets speak? do we converse with gods, demons, and the useless? Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic is a curio store packed with vibrant superstitions, folklore, and legends approximately language.

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In the time of the Protestant Reformation, the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, and the exploration of the New World, Nostradamus allegedly predicted major contemporary events, including the rise of Adolf Hitler, the Apollo moon landing, both world wars, and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Despite what my spellcheck thinks, Nostradamus began his life as “Nostredame”, before Latinizing his name. He worked as an apothecary, although he was a frustrated physician, not that there was much of a difference between the two in those days.

Intercessory prayer Prayer can be petitionary, when people pray for themselves as the hopeful beneficiary, or intercessory, when they pray for others. People pray for the health, wealth, protection, and salvation of themselves, family, and friends. As a kind of spiritual intervention they also pray for strangers – missing people, soldiers at war, victims of natural disasters, firefighters, police, presidents, and countries. Prayer can be urgent, to 47 48 Magical Language receive rain during drought, or frivolous, for the local football team to win.

Or a book may be chosen randomly, but this may have mixed results. The English poet Robert Browning used bibliomancy to seek advice about his courtship with fellow poet Elizabeth Barrett. He was initially disappointed when he blindly selected Cerutti’s Italian Grammar from the shelf. With his eyes closed, Browning randomly chose a page. Amazingly, his eyes fell on the sentence, “If we love in the other world as we do in this, I shall love thee to eternity” (Browning, 2010). Browning took this as prophetic and decided to marry Barrett, although the quote was just a translation exercise.

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