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By Laurie Bauer, Peter Trudgill

A special selection of unique essays via 21 of the world's top linguists. the themes mentioned specialise in one of the most renowned myths approximately language: The Media Are Ruining English; kids cannot converse or Write accurately Anymore; the USA is Ruining the English Language. The tone is energetic and enjoyable all through and there are cartoons from Doonesbury andThe Wizard of identity to demonstrate many of the issues. The publication must have a large readership not just among scholars who are looking to learn major linguists writing approximately well known misconceptions but in addition among the big variety of those that get pleasure from studying approximately language normally.

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One relevant clue is the fact that talk serves different functions in different contexts. g. ). Public talk is often undertaken by people who wish to claim or confirm some degree of public status. Effective talk in public and in the media can enhance your social status - as politicians and other public performers know well. Getting and holding the floor is regarded as desirable, and competition for the floor in such contexts is common. ) Classroom research suggests that more talk is associated with higher social status or power.

The novice writer Boot is in Evelyn Waugh, Scoop (London: Chapman and Hall, 1938; Penguin Books) 1943). Orwell's good-writing precepts are in his essay 'Politics and the English language' (1946), reprinted in George Orwell, Inside the Whale and Other Essays (London: Penguin, 1962). 22 MYTH 4 French is a Logical Language Anthony Lodge French people have been claiming that theirs is a logical language for the past three and a half centuries, though what they mean when they say this is rather obscure - which is a pity, since the other adjective they use to describe French, along with 'logical', is the word 'clear', as we shall see.

Unusual re-spellings or mistakes are marked with an asterisk: *, *. 32 English Spelling is KattastrofJik How the alphabet copes The myth that there are 'five vowels' in English refers to the vowel letters of the roman alphabet. Depending on your accent, you will find about twenty vowels in English. Try collecting them by chan ging the vowel sound in a series of otherwise identical-sounding words, noting each new vowel that turns up. If you start with, say, lick, yo u can change the vowel sound and get a different word lack.

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