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I'm God's holy monster, the drinker of mankind. for thus lengthy, i couldn't see the function i might play, simply because I sought for it with human, mortal eyes. So I placed forth the reality in those pages, for you who search as i've got sought. it's not that i am a few godless beast who stalks underneath the darkish grandeur of sanctity. i'm the grandeur. i'm sanctified - The testomony of Longinus Lancea Sanctum contains: An in-depth examine the background, philosophy and smooth operations of the Lancea Sanctum, the holiest order of the Damned Explorations of Sanctified Requiems and the jobs pious predators and mammoth paladins play within the Danse Macabre and the area of Darkness guidance and proposal for Kindred of each extended family, together with new bloodlines, new Disciplines and awful new miracles of Theban Sorcery

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Written via Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover artwork by way of Michal Ivan

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When the Traitor and his surviving comrades closed the doors of the Black Abbey behind them, consigning the Sanctified to a fiery doom, they had all but succeeded in their plan. the history of the lancea sanctum 37 But to their outrage, they could not find the Sacred Lance. Savoring that part of victory they could claim, they left only after the last of the monastery had fallen to ash along with the most holy of the Lancea Sanctum. What became of the Spear of Destiny has never been determined. Some claim that the Vicar was able to take it and some of the Monachus’s original writings out of the conflagration before he could be discovered, perhaps at the sacrificial behest of the Monachus.

Although denied salvation and damned to a difficult existence, it was their place to show mankind the price of sin. They were to make men understand that the world was only a brief, brutal, and pitiful presage to the glory of Heaven. And it was for them to take the blood of man, as Longinus had taken it from Jesus, in order to show them both their mortality and the divine salvation that awaited them in the next life. Vahishtael ended by telling Longinus that it was his mission to pass on this message to all the Damned, to make them know what God demanded of them.

On the other hand, if Longinus has no ability to Embrace, that condition automatically exempts him from the Second Tradition, which is an unlikely position for such an icon of the vampiric condition. No one knows the answer, and theories vary wildly throughout the covenant. Orthodox belief is that Longinus did indeed sire, even if the specifics of that Embrace elude the Lancea Sanctum. Other theories include the supposition that any of Longinus’ childer would have been adopted, perhaps with him acting as a sort of Avus to them, or that Longinus had disciples instead of literal childer, and that the familiar term was used to signify the intimacy of those relationships.

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