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You may not seem to have malaria while in the combat zone, but when you come home, it is liable to come out openly. Ask a few vets. They know. Take your medicine and be glad that it is available. Fungus infections are very prevalent in the Area. They are most uncomfortable and can lead to serious impairment of hearing, breathing, sight, and manual dexterity. Athlete's foot is the usual ailment. This disease appears generally on the feet (between the toes) at first. Then it travels up the legs to the crotch, armpits, hands, and eyes.

3. Take out the clip! ! 4. Take out the clip! ! 5. Take out the clip! ! ! 27 FIRE DRILL The old saying, "Fire is a good servant, but a bad master," applies well to PTs whose wood and gasoline are wonderful ingredients for a roaring fire. Fire prevention is easily observed on the boats. Just observe all the rules and all will be safe. Every rule and precaution set up by the Navy usually has been originated because of some tragedy in the past. If an engineer does not want to be a flaming torch of fire, he had better sniff the engine room for gas fumes before he starts the engines or any electrical apparatus in the engine room.

Rather touch it with a lighted cigarette or a drop of iodine or alcohol. It will then probably drop or squirm off. Men living ashore should keep their mosquito netting tucked under the mattress. If it is not, mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions, centipedes, and other venomous creatures can get in. Shake and check your blankets before you turn in. Preparations for those already having the infection are available at sick bay. Make use of the knowledge that will save you much pain and sleep. Follow the instructions on the bottle !

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