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By Christmas Humphreys

Karma, the legislation of reason and impression, of nature's retribution for misplaced concord, and Rebirth, from which it really is inseperable, were defined because the oldest doctrine on the earth. In contemporary turmoil, an knowing of Karma is without doubt one of the foundations on which we will be able to construct a extra average global.

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Or does this morbid craving to lift the veil of the future lead but to a weakening of the will? Certainly it is a miserable substitute for the planned and purposeful development of all one’s faculties by the conscious user of the Law. The first type wonders what the future will bring; the other decides it. Further Advantages The advantages of working by the Law of Karma have no end. As already explained, the Law provides a graded sanction or reason for right living. At the worst, it is seen that it pays to be good; higher than this, it proves that men are in essence one, and that any deed which hurts one’s neighbour or the commonweal is an injury to oneself; finally, it reveals a world or a plane of consciousness where right becomes the inmost law of being, and a man does right, not because it pays or because it avoids self-injury, but because, beyond all argument, he must.

Nor can it claim any ‘piece’ of electricity as being in its possession, for that which shines now in a billionth of a second is gone. There is but a river of life or light that flows through a myriad conduit pipes. None owns the river of Life, and he who holds its waters in his hand will find that in his attempt to possess the water he has stayed the flow, and all that he holds is ‘dead’. It is, however, as difficult to speak of the teachings of Christianity, as if they were all agreed, as of the teachings of Buddhism.

KARMA IN ACTION 35 Rich meats and robes, and fair abodes and pride Of ancient lines, and lust of days, and strife To live, and sins that flow from strife, some sweet, Some bitter… Yet once again it must be emphasized that the soul, wherein the ceaseless warfare between light and darkness, right and wrong, is waged, is not immortal nor eternal; still less is it changeless, for it is changing as a handful of a river changes, with every new thought and act that leaves or enters the whirlpool of the soul.

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