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By Anthony Everitt

This examine of participation in track seems on the transforming into circulate to bridge the divide among those that make track their occupation and the general public at huge. It identifies examples of excellent perform and describes the demanding situations forward.

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Nine local choral 36 THE MUSIC-MAKERS societies were brought together to form the North Staffordshire Festival Choir. It was a decisive move away from the competitive festival, dependent on the existing repertoire, towards major musical events featuring new compositions. In 1896 Elgar conducted at Hanley the first performance of his oratorio, King Olaf. The Pottery towns were now on the map. Other premieres followed (among them, Coleridge-Taylor’s The Death of Minnehaha). Great artists made their way to Hanley – Madame Patti, Clara Butt, Paderewski and Hans Richter with the Hallé Orchestra and many others.

The best that can be said is that most, but not all, amateur activity emerges spontaneously from local communities or groups of enthusiasts and that most, but not all, community arts are the result of external intervention by professional artists. In other words amateur music is usually demand-led, and community music supply-led. So while it is still legitimate to speak of amateurs and professionals (whether conventional performers or community musicians), they increasingly occupy a broad interactive spectrum of practice.

They showed an increased capacity to memorise, to develop their reasoning capacity and emotional range and to engage in active social participation. If, as seems reasonable, we extrapolate from these findings and apply them to the population at large, we can say with reasonable confidence that making music is a way of exercising the complete personality. 21 A survey of 1,200 children in Switzerland found that those who were given extra music lessons performed better than those who were not. According to one of the researchers, Maria Spychiger at the University of Fribourg, music can have a positive influence on the emotions and on co-operative behaviour.

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