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By Steve Moyise, Maarten J.J. Menken

Isaiah within the New testomony brings jointly a suite of specifically commissioned stories by way of authors who're specialists within the box. After an introductory bankruptcy at the use of Isaiah within the lifeless Sea Scrolls and moment temple literature, all the New testomony books that include quotations from Isaiah are mentioned: Matthew, Mark, Q, Luke-Acts, John, Romans & Galatians, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Hebrews, 1 Peter, Revelation. The publication presents an outline of the prestige, position and serve as of Isaiah within the first century. It considers the Greek and Hebrew manuscript traditions and gives insights into many of the hermeneutical stances of the hot testomony authors and the improvement of latest testomony theology.

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C:C r g . B Nt111n. (11m1ra11Pmp611d Rr-I~~iws Pwtry. J Chipnun (STUJ 12: Laden: l h t U 1994). p. 367; 1). Sabbath, mtd Frstiwl Prnyrn in rhr Dead Sea Jimlls (STIIJ 27; Leiden: UrrU. IWH), p. 130: and E. Cliarrrn. 'Lrturg~calCommunion wlth the Angels at Qumran', 111 I l K . Falk, F. M. (M)O). pp. X). ISAIAH IN THE NEW TESTAMENT Let the holiest of the godhke ones sanctifj, the King of glory who sanctifies by lus holiness all his holy ones 1(%b v l p ' I fz& &K wrp m) 3w The and are clearly not correct and the translation above assumes the emendations, proposed by Anna Maria Schwemer, of ('sanctifies') and ltmp ('by his holiness'), respectively.

3:12, has an important role in the synagogue liturgy, being recited in two different contexts. frcganorr Blesxd be the glory o f the LORD h111 IS place Kvadrr To the blessed G o d they offer pleasdnt mciodres. There are many gaps in our knowledge of the early development of the Jewish liturgy, particularly in the pre-70 period, and much we sin~plycannot know. " The coupling of Isa. 6:3 and Ezek. 31): '' 1 i This a not ahu~lutclyiertatn, for 'the hihlrcal test of Irdrah doer not =em to have been fnUo\vcd contrnuously'.

The suffering and death of both the righteous man and the Servant are tnisunderstood (Wis. 3:2b; 5 4 ; Isa. 53:4b). Moreover, the structure and language of the scene which describes the righteous nlan's and the Servant's divine vindication are similar: they begin with a statement of the vinciication of each (Wis. 5: la; Isa. 52: 13), which is followed by a parenthetical statement oftheir fornler state (Wis. 5: 1bc; Isa. 52: 14). which is in turn followed by the reaction of the righteous man's persecutors (Wis.

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