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By Mantak Chia

The Iron blouse perform is split into 3 elements: Iron blouse I, II, and III. Iron blouse Chi Kung is the martial point of the common Tao approach. It develops inner strength and constitution and a well-conditioned physique via uncomplicated strategies that construct and shop Chi. The physique turns into open and comfortable. The joints are reinforced, the muscle groups, tendons and ligaments turn into smooth and powerful, and the bones and bone marrow develop into powerful and fit. Iron blouse Chi Kung is helping us to develop into rooted to the earth, thereby preserving our physique based and balanced. ultimately, Iron blouse bargains a manner of perfecting our internal selves, permitting us to arrive better religious degrees. The grounding perform offers an organization rooting for the ascension of the spirit. within the days earlier than gunpowder, Iron blouse Chi Kung used to be one of many precept martial arts, which outfitted robust our bodies capable of face up to hand handy wrestle. Even then, besides the fact that; martial use was once just one point of Iron blouse and at the present time, its different elements stay vitally major for someone looking greater wellbeing and fitness, a sane brain and non secular development. "Iron blouse" refers back to the incontrovertible fact that its particular approach of respiring routines which completely pack targeted air into the fascia (connective tissues), surrounding the important organs, cause them to with regards to impervious to accidents from injuries or blows. We additionally how to root ourselves within the Earth's ower and hence find out how to direct the Earth's gravitational and therapeutic energy via our bone constitution. Iron Shirt's strengthening of the organs is of particular curiosity to athletes and performers, for it teaches them the way to raise the functionality of the organs in the course of activities, speech, making a song, dancing and enjoying song. For the Taoist masters, all this in flip lays the basis for greater non secular paintings. each step of ways is made transparent within the a number of line illustrations via Juan Li.

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51 - Chapter II Sperm/Ovary Palace Lower Abdomen Perineum (g) Inhale ten percent down (h) Inhale ten percent down (i) Inhale ten percent to the lower abdomen. to the pelvic area and lower down to the perineum. abdomen. (j) Bend forward to accommodate more air. (k) Collect the energy at the navel. Fig. 8 Packing Process Breathing - 52 - Initial Preparations 4. Points To Remember in Practicing the Breathing Exercises a. Always remember: Do not use force. Relax the chest so that the chest, sternum and diaphragm can sink down.

Burp, if the need arises. If you begin to salivate copiously, tighten your neck muscles, press your chin to your chest, ‘smile down” through all of your organs and then put your tongue to your palate and, using force, swallow saliva so that you feel as though you have indeed swallowed all the way down to your navel. Concentrate there until you can feel your navel grow warm. Practice the Iron Shirt Chi Kung breathing twice per day only during your first week of practice and three times per day in the following week.

The Taoists believe that the body has many openings: one front door the sexual organ; one back door the anus; and the seven openings of its windows, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth. It is through these openings that energy can enter or leak from the body. In the practice of Iron Shirt, we learn to seal our bodies to prevent energy leakage and the loss of Chi pressure, enabling us to pack, condense and store energy in our bodies and organs. Pulling up the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms helps to seal the sexual organ and anus doors.

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