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By Homa Katouzian

Iran is an historic country, an oil-exporting economic system and an Islamic Republic. It skilled full-scale revolutions in the twentieth century, the latter of which had huge and demanding neighborhood and foreign effects, together with an eight-year struggle with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. And now in the twenty-first century, it confronts matters and studies difficulties that have vital implications for its destiny improvement and exterior relations.

Featuring notable contributions from major sociologists, social anthropologists, political scientists and economists within the box of Iranian experiences, this booklet is the 1st to envision Iran and its place within the modern world.

In constructing this argument, subject matters tested include:

  • social advancements within the kingdom together with gender relations
  • contemporary politics
  • international relations
  • relations with the USA and Israel
  • nuclear guns and effort programmes
  • oil and the advance of the economy.


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In the Iranian case, during the past 25 years, the nature of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy has had an important role in the rise of foreign challenges to its national security. Furthermore, as will be discussed later, the concept of national security here has been rather tantamount to regime security.

20 More significantly, he argues, through protracted discursive manoeuvres, the Iranian nation or people of Iran (mellat-e Iran), was dissociated from Islam and the Creator, anchored in life-giving mother nation, with 6,000 years of presumably uninterrupted history, a mother tongue, and a defined territory. This attempt at re-fashioning Iranian national identity was of course set upside down with the 1979 Revolution. But the duality itself was not fundamentally changed. Unlike the constitutionalist discourse that re-configured the pre-Islamic past as the age of enlightenment and glory, the revolutionary discourse considered that past as an era of monarchical despotism and oppression.

Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 21, 1&2 (2002): 82–94. Vali states that the Kurdish question in Iran is a question of denial of the Kurdish identity by the sovereign power and the Kurds’ resistance to this denial. A similar argument can be made regarding others, although a case can perhaps be made that the Kurdish question has proven more muscular and urgent given the persistence of the question in the surrounding countries. Charles Taylor, Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity.

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