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By D. A. Taylor

This consultant offers with all elements of ship's equipment, from propulsion and steerage to deck equipment and electric gear. It covers the extent required for sophistication three and sophistication four Engineers' certificate of Competence and for the 1st years of the Engineer Cadet education Scheme. additional details has been extra to the ebook to hide the Engineering wisdom syllabus of the Master's certificates

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Cooling enables the engine metals to retain their mechanical properties. T h e usual coolant used is fresh water: sea water is not used directly as a coolant because of its corrosive action. Lubricating oil is sometimes used for piston cooling since leaks into the crankcase would not cause problems. As a result of its lower specific hear however about twice the quantity of oil compared to water would be required. F r e s h w a t e r cooling s y s t e m A water cooling system for a slow speed diesel engine is shown in Fig.

The stroke of the lower piston is greater than the upper piston to provide primary balance of the reciprocating parts. With upper and lower pistons connected to the crankshaft the combustion loads are transferred directly through the running gear. This enables a lighter bedplate construction and long tie bolts are unnecessary. 26 Doxford 76J engine The engine construction is made up of a single unit box type bedplate upon which are mounted columns made up of separate legs and a central strut. The entablature is a welded box construction upon which the cylinder jackets are mounted.

C. C. 25 Reversing arrangements 42 DIESEL ENGINES engine. However when it is necessary to run the engine in reverse it must be started in reverse and the fuel injection timing must be changed. Where exhaust timing or poppet valves are used they also must be retimed. With jerk type fuel pumps the fuel cams on the camshaft must be repositioned. This can be done by having a separate reversing cam and moving the camshaft axially to bring it into position. Alternatively a lost motion clutch may be used in conjunction with the ahead p u m p timing cam.

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