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This e-book presents an introductory method of Aeronautics.

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Aerospace Engineering.
summary: This e-book offers an introductory method of Aeronautics

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The swept planform, when yawed out of the relative wind, creates more lift on the advancing wing and also more drag. The differential drag stabilizes the wing in yaw. The differential lift causes positive roll due to sideslip like dihedral would. Too much dihedral effect is undesirable because it opposes weight shift roll response; the aircraft will be too stable and won't manouever. The lateral and directional stability of the swept wing is proportional to angle of attack - at high speed, yaw and roll instability can become unacceptable, giving dutch roll or wing walking oscillations.

Pegasus Quantum 145-912 ultralight trike When the lift load is removed from the sail the washout disappears and the aircraft would not recover from a vertical dive or may even tuck upside down. To maintain a minimum safe amount of washout when the wing is unloaded or even negatively loaded, positive pitching devices such as reflex lines or washout rods are employed. These systems are normally tested by a truck based aerodynamic test. There is no "pendulum" wing stabilizing effect of the trike at the trim speed because the trike is freely suspended in the pitch and roll axes.

The free suspension of the trike means that the center of gravity (CG) position of the trike only affects the trike attitude and control range, not the hands off trim speed. From the pilot's point of view only the load carried has to remain within the aircraft limitations, no complicated CG calculations are required and it is nearly impossible to mis-load the aircraft, adding to the simplicity of operation. One great advantage of weight shift pitch apart from simplicity is that the wing lifting performance is not compromised by up elevon deflection as required for an aerodynamically controlled tailless machine, hence a lower landing speed can be achieved.

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