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By Hans-Martin Gärtner, Uli Sauerland

Human language is a phenomenon of big richness: It presents finely nuanced technique of expression that underlie the formation of tradition and society; it really is topic to refined, unforeseen constraints like syntactic islands and cross-over phenomena; diverse mutually-unintelligeable person languages are various; and the descriptions of person languages occupy hundreds of thousands of pages. contemporary paintings in linguistics, despite the fact that, has attempted to argue that regardless of all appearances on the contrary, the human organic ability for language might be reducible to a small stock of middle cognitive abilities. the main radical model of this view has emerged from the Minimalist software: The declare that language includes in basic terms the power to generate recursive buildings via a computational mechanism. in this view, all different homes of language needs to consequence from the interplay on the interfaces of that mechanism and different psychological structures no longer completely dedicated to language. considering that language may possibly then be defined because the easiest recursive approach gratifying the necessities of the interfaces, you can actually communicate of the Minimalist Equation: Interfaces + Recursion = Language. The query no matter if all of the richness of language should be lowered to that minimalist equation has already encouraged numerous fruitful strains of study that ended in vital new effects. whereas a whole review of the minimalist equation would require proof from many alternative components of inquiry, this quantity focuses specifically at the point of view of syntax and semantics. in the minimalist structure, this areas our obstacle with the middle computational mechanism and the (LF-)interface the place recursive constructions are fed to interpretation. particular questions that the papers deal with are: what sort of recursive buildings can the middle generator shape? How do we ensure what the easiest recursive process is? How can houses of language that was once ascribed to the recursive generator be decreased to interface homes? What results do syntactic operations have on semantic interpretation? To what volume do types of semantic interpretation aid the LF-interface stipulations postulated via minimalist syntax?

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V) T is merged with vP (vi) Agree is established between T and SUBJ, and the structural Case of SUBJ is assigned the value NOM, while the phi-features of T are valued by S UBJ. (vii) v raises to T 12(45) is related to the notion of the EPP used in Miyagawa (2005), Chomsky (2005). 13It could be that step (iv) precedes step (iii) or, as argued for by MUller 2004, that the relative order between these two steps is a parameter. The Subject-In-Situ Generalization Revisited 51 In the derivation (46), both arguments enter Case checking relations in a strictly cyclic fashion, as outlined in steps (iv) and (vi).

Acc If, however, the direct object itself is either wh--extracted or cliticized SI becomes possible again: (8) a. from a great number d' etudiants? of students 34 Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou b. from a grand nombre d'etudiants? Quand ecrira ton frere a sa petite amie? ' We thus conclude that in order for a subject to remain vP-intemal in French, either the DP object must be moved outside the vP or the object must be realized as PP. 2 Quotative Inversion Sentences with direct speech complements allow a kind of inversion called Quotative Inversion (QI) by Collins & Branigan (1997) and Collins (1997): (10) "I am happy", said Mary Collins & Branigan point out that QI is in many respects similar to SI.

40 Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou remain in situ in violation of the SSG. Consider (22) (Carstens 2005, ex. agr-A stampeding [vp SU lv [vp tv OB ku Lugushwa ]]]]]] elephants farm LOC Lugushwa [TP On the assumption that there is no V-raising beyond the suffixes in Kilega, V-movement always terminates to a position below T in this language (as extensively argued for in Kinyalolo 2003 and Carstens 2005). In compound tenses like (22)/(23) (see Carstens 2005, pp. 226-230) the main verb raises to a low MoodP, which contains the final vowel of Bantu verbs, and is preceded by an aspectual prefix projected under a low aspectual head Asp2.

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