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By David C McIntosh

This is every thing you want to recognize to build a carvel planked cruising boat with out greater than a collection of plans, a pile of lumber, and resolution.

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F tail feather Aft lace 01 stern post Trim or seating for the transom planking :-",~en the bottom planking ~' ~ IS In progress Bearding line of hull planking • 55 Test banen to prove angle of rudderport becomes st ron gback for rudder template. sCheck alignment fore-and-aft by comparing distance between stations 7 and 8 on the structure with that in the loft drawing. Check alignment athwartships by aiming centerline of tail feather along centerline of the keel. Propeller port / Gudgeon locations / / ~- OUler pieces of the sternpost, applied last, permit adjustment of the deadwood to accommodate variation in alignment of the rudderport.

Traditional system of S

Brace these from number 5, well dear of the centerline on the tops of the spalls. Toe-nail the bottoms of the molds to the top of the keel lightly; brace number S forward, so that you can remove the braces to make way for number 6, which will stand with its afler face on the station line . These four molds establish the plane of the spal\ s, which is of course precisely 2 fee l above lhe load water line.

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