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By N. N. Bhattacharyya

The ebook reviews different points of Tantrism. Its vastness and intricacies, its heterogeneous and contradictory components and offers a ancient standpoint to the conglomeration of rules and practices via area and time. It additionally features a evaluate of Tantric artwork and a thesaurus of technical phrases.

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The Symbiosis of Buddhism with Brahmanism/Hinduism in South Asia and of Buddhism with 'local cults' in Tibet and the Himalayan region

This booklet is worried with the complicated and certainly tough query of the connection among Buddhism and Brahmanism/Hinduism (Vedism, Shivaism, Vishnuism, and so on. ) in India, and among Buddhism and native spiritual cults in Tibet and sure different components of the Buddhist international together with Japan. even if they're essentially now not exact twins introduced forth by means of the Indian non secular soil, Buddhism and Brahmanism/Hinduism are heavily similar siblings.

The First and Last Freedom

Krishnamurti is a number one religious instructor of our century. within the First and final Freedom he cuts away symbols and fake institutions within the look for natural fact and ideal freedom. via discussions on soreness, worry, gossip, intercourse and different issues, Krishnamurti’s quest turns into the readers, an venture of great importance.

Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan

Responding to the “Asian values” debate over the compatibility of Confucianism and liberal democracy, Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan, by means of Joel S. Fetzer and J. Christopher Soper, bargains a rigorous, systematic research of the contributions of Confucian idea to democratization and the security of ladies, indigenous peoples, and press freedom in Taiwan.

Great clarity : Daoism and alchemy in early medieval China

This can be the 1st booklet to check broadly the spiritual features of chinese language alchemy. Its major concentration is the relation of alchemy to the Daoist traditions of the early medieval interval (third to 6th centuries). It indicates how alchemy contributed to and used to be tightly built-in into the frilly physique of doctrines and practices that Daoists outfitted at the moment, from which Daoism as we all know it this present day developed.

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Not look at Tantrism as mere perversion without at the same time looking at ourselves as a nation of perverts .... In all likelihood, therefore, there must have been some original significance attributed to these particular beliefs and practices, which we are apt to miss if we allow ourselves to be carried away by a spirit of sheer moral repugnance. The viimiiciira of Tantrism, since our ancestors were so serious about it, could not have meant mere perversion, though they are manifestly so if practised in the context of our developed knowledge and moral values.

The all-pervading influence of Tantra in Indian life and its misinterpretation by the leading scholars did not escape the notice of the upholders of the neo-Tantric movement, launched in the beginning of this century, who depended on the scholastic writings on Tantra. They equated Tantra with the totality of Hinduism and declared it to be the essence of the Vedas. ava wrote: At the present time the general public are ignorant of the principles of the Tantra sastra. The cause of this ignorance is the fact the Tantra-sastra is a Sadhana-sastra, the greater part of which becomes intelligible only by Sadhana.

S. Geden refers to the view of an eminent exponent ofTantra who asserts that 'two-thirds of our religious rites are Tantric and almost half our medicine'. H. Wilson from one of the principal Tantras, which claim~ that most of the major religious sects have secret followers ofTantra. 53 Tantric saints have a place of honour in Indian society. Moreover, Tantra is committed to certain moral values, the excellence of which even the critics of this system are forced to admit. According to Sir Charles Elliot, apart from the ceremonial which they inculcate, the general principles of Introduction 43 Tantra breathe a liberal and intelligentspirit.

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