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By Dibyesh Anand (auth.)

The illustration of the Muslims as threatening to India's physique politic is imperative to the Hindu nationalist venture of organizing a political circulation and normalizing anti-minority violence. Adopting a severe ethnographic method, this ebook identifies the poetics and politics of worry and violence engendered inside Hindu nationalism.

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Adopting a systematic scientific garb, Joshi et al. (2003) provide a study of religious demography of India and focus on heterogeneity introduced by “foreign religionists” (Muslims and Christians), and not foreign religions, in India. This study becomes important because it gets quoted and cross-referred to by several pamphlets and online discussions as a “scientific proof ” of the decline of Hindus in India and the Foreword was written by Lal Krishna Advani, the Home Minister of India at the time of book’s release.

Hindutva is upset by the fact that Indian Muslims adopt Arabized or Persian names or take up causes common to Muslims across geographical regions or Christians look to European culture as the norm. Conversion is seen as a rejection and humiliation of Hindu civilization. ” Griffiths’s discussion about the practice of early Portuguese Christian missionaries many centuries ago is presented by Paliwal as if it is about the contemporary situation: [The new converts] were given Portuguese names [the first significant move toward spreading Christianity in modern India took place under the Portuguese rule in Goa] (which they retain to this day) and compelled to adopt European habits of food and clothing, which meant that they became “outcastes” [sic] to the Hindus.

All they want is to increase their number so they can overtake Hindus, control India, and then seize Hindu properties and women: “roti, beti, zameen loot lenge” (“We will loot your food, daughters, and land”) (Das 2005b). Different Hindutva commentators flag up different estimates of when Hindus will lose their majority or when will they have to concede another partition or when will they be decimated. Wild imaginations run riot as critical faculties are suspended and Hindu nationalists scramble to come up with ever more dire nightmarish scenarios.

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