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By alastair k. (author) ; fitzpatrick, eric (author) ; cooke (author) cooke

Targeted in its breadth of insurance functionality, balance and regulate, and aerosystems all discussed....

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5v . It is now necessary to determine ih ih the effect of a forward speed component on the rates of descent that can generate this potentially hazardous situation. Performance Theory 37 Fig. 27]). 22]. Dynamic inflow attempts to account for the effect of the vortex-ring condition on the inflow characteristics through the whole rotor. 23] analysed the vortex-ring state by considering a slipstream that is surrounded by a protective tube of vorticity, see Fig. 18. 5vñg or v /2ñV sin i g relative to the rotor, whereas the rotor itself descends at a speed V sin .

30. 34). Note that the reversed flow region is clearly delineated. 16], appreciated that the induced velocity over a rotor is far from uniform. Consequently they proposed additional formulae designed to generate an upwash ahead of the rotor disk and a steadily increasing inflow along the rotor diameter similar to that seen along the chord of an aerofoil. 17]) an upwash results and a linear fore/aft variation in induced velocity is predicted. Lateral variations, although present in reality, have been ignored at this level of simplification.

Likewise, note the significance of compressibility and blade stall at high advance ratio. These two factors are often combined under a single term ‘tip effects’. 10 TAIL ROTOR POWER The discussion so far has only been concerned with determining the power required by a single main rotor. Such a rotor system will generate a torque reaction in the fuselage and without some form of anti-torque device the fuselage will spin uncontrollably. The most common anti-torque system is a small rotor affixed to a tail boom and orientated so that it generates a moment as it rotates which acts in opposition to the torque reaction.

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