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By Mantak Chia

A brand new variation of the bestseller

• the 1st ebook to bare within the West the Taoist recommendations that allow girls to domesticate and increase their sexual energy

• unearths Taoist secrets and techniques for shortening menstruation, lowering cramps, and compressing extra chi into the ovaries for larger sexual power

• Teaches the perform of overall physique orgasm

For hundreds of thousands of years the sexual ideas and strategies awarded right here have been taught through Taoist masters in mystery basically to a small variety of humans (sworn to silence), within the royal courts and esoteric circles of China. this can be the 1st e-book to make this old wisdom to be had to the West.

The starting place of therapeutic love is the cultivation, transformation, and circulate of sexual power, referred to as jing. Jing power is inventive, generative strength that's very important for the advance of chi (vital life-force strength) and shen (spiritual energy), which allows better practices of religious improvement. Jing is produced within the sexual organs, and it really is power girls lose consistently via menstruation and baby bearing. Mantak Chia teaches strong suggestions constructed by means of Taoist masters for the conservation of jing and the way it really is used to revitalize women's actual, psychological, and non secular future health. one of many advantages conferred by means of those practices are a discount within the soreness as a result of menstruation and the facility to realize full-body orgasm.

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Once the organs are cleansed and healthy, and you have developed the ability to transfer and transform sexual energy into life-force energy, your spiritual development can begin. It is at this level that the generative energy of the ovaries is used in what the Taoists call “giving birth to yourself,” which means developing the spirit body from which you will attain enlightenment. The Ovaries Contain Life-Force Energy As we have already learned, the Jing (principal energy) of a woman provides her with life-force energy, or Chi.

When we have an ordinary orgasm, the life force pours out of us into the universe. If we can learn to redirect the orgasmic energy inward and upward instead of outward, the energy will reach a higher center of the body and we will experience a greater orgasmic experience, known as total body orgasm, or “organs’ and glands’ orgasm,” an experience never felt as a result of nor-mal sex. This is how we can create more energy, store it, and transform it into life-force energy, thereby increasing our total energy.

Rather than releasing orgasms outward, as in the ordinary sexual act, we learn to turn this energy inward to recycle, increase, and highly refine it. Through the practice of the life-force meditation known as the Microcosmic Orbit meditation, described in chapter 4, we begin to learn how to circulate, refine, and recycle the ovaries’ energy. In the beginning it is important to practice daily to retain the energy within yourself, but once you feel and gain control of your own energy, you will easily experience new pleasures that are indescribable.

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