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By Stoyko Fakirov

Reporting at the paintings of a global group of scientists actively serious about the learn of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) in accordance with polyesters, polyamides, and polyurethanes, this publication is the 1st to supply a close description of condensation TPE with shut cognizance paid to polyamide-based platforms. Reflecting the expanding significance of TPE as engineering plastics, the authors talk about the widened software possibilities through getting ready structures with a number of chemical compositions and molecular buildings as (semi-) interpenetrating networks. The contents additionally hide the chemical points, actual constitution and houses, lifestyles cycle review, and recycling chances in addition to such distinctive "smart" houses just like the form reminiscence influence of the 3 periods of thermoplastic elastomers.

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Cross polarized magic-angle 13C NMR in the solid state was applied to the analysis of the microphases and their scales in TPEs [100]. Impulse NMR provided knowledge of the synergic and antagonistic deviations of the mechanical properties of TPE blends [101]. The determination of accurate molecular mass values of the copolymers and their distribution, as well as of the functionality of difunctional oligomers remains a difficult problem. It is necessary to compare the results of, at least, two different techniques, for instance SEC and titration of the end-groups but, unfortunately, the latter is inapplicable when the chain length is high.

A large number of TPE syntheses depend on the existence and quality of specific functional oligomers. Their preparation and the control of their structure were reviewed by Maréchal [39] and also in Chapter 2 of this book. The oligomer chemical and structural purity, as well as functionality are responsible for the structure and morphology, hence the properties of the TPEs. The liquid crystalline unit-containing polymers begin a timid entry in the TPE field. The liquid crystalline sequences can be part of the backbone or may be present as side chains.

Pan M, Wang J, Zhang L and Mo L (1999) Synthesis of terminal reactive polysiloxane and study of water-soluble polysiloxane-polyurethane block copolymer, Hebei Gongye Daxue Xuebao 28:26–30 (CA 132:123254). 63. Yokozawa T, Ogawa M, Sekino A, Sugi R and Yokoyama A (2003) Synthesis of welldefined poly(p-benzamide) from chain-growth polycondensation and its application to block copolymers, Macromol Symp 199:187–195. 64. Wagener K B, Brzezinska K, Anderson J D and Dilocker S (1997) Well phase separated segmented copolymers via acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerization, J Polym Sci Part A Polym Chem Ed 35:3441–3449.

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