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By Sean Punch

Positioned the fantastic flexibility and gear of GURPS at your fingertips with this data-packed GM's display. This four-panel display gains the entire an important charts, tables, and different necessities from GURPS Fourth version. . . . whole wrestle tables, response charts, and different references to make the GM's task swifter and more straightforward. additionally incorporated is a replica of the recent Fourth variation model of GURPS Lite, the 32-page middle of the GURPS ideas. GURPS Lite is a necessary ideas precis, yet it is also designed, specifically, as a instructing instrument . . . it makes it effortless for an skilled participant or GM to introduce others to the method. This monitor is gorgeous, necessary . . . and definite, you should use it to conceal your die rolls, too.

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Written through Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover artwork via Michal Ivan

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A door on the port side opens to a small staircase leading up to the captain's cabin (area Qs). Inside the locked chest ( Disable Device D C 30) is an engraved masterwork cutlass (worth soo gp) , an elixir ofswimminfj, a potion offly, a potion of water breathinfj, a star rose quartz worth so gp, and a pouch containing 100 gp. Qn. Ship's Stores: This forward compartment holds supplies for the ship, including dry goods, rope, sails, and spare lumber. Qu. Middle Deck: Cargo is stored on this deck, which also serves as crew quarters for the common sailors crewing the ship, as evidenced by the hammocks hanging from the walls and ceiling.

As the Hurricane King has not engaged in much piracy lately, the compartment is empty other than an iron strongbox ( hardnes s 10, hp 30, break DC 28, Disable Device DC 40) containing the ship's payroll: 1,ooo gp in various coins, mostly silver. Q6. Magazine: The iron door to this compartment is locked ( hardnes s 10, hp 6o, break DC 28, Disable Device DC 30) . Powder and shot for the cannons on the gun deck are stored in this magazine, which contains 40 kegs of black powder and 40 powder horns, as well as cannonballs, blast shot, and chain shot.

Studying the books here for 2d6 hours grants a +10 bonus on any Knowledge ( history, local, or nobility) checks about pirates past and present, and a +5 bonus on all Knowledge skill checks regarding the islands of the Shackles , the Sodden Lands, the Eye of Abendego, and the Arcadian Ocean. Spending a week cataloging the maps and the library with a successful DC 30 Appraise check uncovers rare maps, documents, and volumes worth a total of5 ,ooo gp. K1 o. HuRRICAN E KI NG's B EDROOM CCR 15) H a ngings o f b l u e s i l k, suggesti n g the deep sea, drape this chamber, and windows to the east look out over the dock and harbor outside.

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