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That Johann Sebastian Bach is a pivotal determine within the background of Western tune is rarely information, and the importance of his fulfillment is so big that it may be tough to understand. In approximately Bach, fifteen students express that Bach's value extends from choral to orchestral track, from sacred tune to musical parodies, and likewise to his scribes and scholars, his predecessors and successors.

Shostakovich Reconsidered

Dmitry Shostakovich's memoirs, Testimony, `related to and edited by way of Solomon Volkov', were the topic of fierce debate considering the fact that their booklet in 1979. used to be Testimony a forgery, made up by means of an impudent impostor, or was once it the deathbed confession of a tendency, yet unbroken, guy? Even now, years after the autumn of the communist regime, a coterie of well-placed Western musicologists have usually raised objections to Testimony, hoping with every one assault to undermine the image of Shostakovich awarded in his memoirs that of a guy of large ethical stature, bitterly disappointed with the Soviet procedure.

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Within the wellknown nineteenth-century debate between the Wagnerians and the followers of Liszt and the formalists, Hanslick, and others, in which Brahms somewhat reluctantly assumed the symbolic role of the “counter-pope,” scientific speculation seemed to vindicate the anti-Wagnerians on two accounts. First, the evolution of music, by analogy with evolutionary theory, rendered instrumental music and the modern system of harmony the highest forms of development within a historical logic that was progressive and selective.

11. From the perspective of the modern reader and concertgoer, this is an indication of both the rarity of live performances of orchestral works and the gradual acceleration in concert life. Vienna’s leading impresario, Albert Gutmann, sponsored 16 concerts in 1890; • 23 • Notes to TIME AND MEMORY IN BRAHMS’S VIENNA 39 in 1896; and 86 in 1900. In the three-year period between 1894 and 1897, the end of Brahms’s life, 37 percent were vocal recitals, 32 percent were piano recitals, 12 percent violin recitals, 15 percent chamber music ensembles, and 5 percent visiting orchestras.

Berlin, 1912–22), 9:77–78. 22. Brahms, Briefwechsel, 1:154. 23. Quoted in Niemann, Brahms, 180. 24. Brahms, Briefwechsel, 7:83. 25. Niemann, Brahms, 175. 26. D. W. Winnicott, “The Location of Cultural Experience,” International Journal of Psychoanalysis 48 (1967):370. • 40 • Brahms the Godfather STYRA AVINS The title of this essay is not capricious. Brahms was godfather to at least sixteen children, a little-known facet of his life that accords strangely with his current reputation as a lonesome and solitary man.

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