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By David Yaghoubian

Ethnicity, id, and the advance of Nationalism in Iran investigates the ways that Armenian minorities in Iran encountered Iranian nationalism and took part in its improvement over the process the 20th century. established totally on oral interviews, archival files, own memoirs, memorabilia, and pictures, the ebook examines the lives of a workforce of Armenian-Iranians-a truck motive force, a military officer, a parliamentary consultant, a civil servant, and a scout leader-and explores the own conflicts and paradoxes attendant upon their layered allegiances and compound identities. In documenting person stories in Iranian undefined, army, executive, schooling, and neighborhood association, the 5 social biographies aspect many of the roles of elites and non-elites within the improvement of Iranian nationalism and display the a number of forces that form the strategies of identification formation. Yaghoubian combines those photographs with theories of nationalism and nationwide id to reply to routine pivotal questions about how nationalism evolves, why it really is beautiful, what wide forces and day-by-day actions form and maintain it, and the position of ethnicity in its improvement.

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12 | Ethnicity, Identity, and Nationalism in Iran Although Iran’s colonial experience and the influence of European thought might have had something to do with the secular-nationalist character of the event, this in no way explains why its nonelite participants might be receptive to its symbolism and imagery. 34 What did such an event mean to the marching scouts? How did they use it? What did this event mean to the elites in the stands? How did they use it? 35 Although it is not focused solely on nationalism, Hobsbawm’s introduction to The Invention of Tradition explores aspects of nation building and rituals that are further elaborated upon in Nations and Nationalism since 1780 and thus supports the latter work.

According to Anderson’s theory, changing comprehensions of time also played a role in priming the mass consciousness for nationalism. Premodern conceptions of time involved cyclical, millennial, or messianic expectation. ”55 Cosmology and history were one. 63 In the twentieth century, a wave of anti-imperial nationalist movements swept through former colonies of Asia and Africa, where, utilizing advances in communications technology such as television and radio to complement print, “the lessons of creole, vernacular and official nationalisms were copied, adapted and improved upon,”64 and the nation became the basis for the remaining portion of humanity’s communal imaginings.

18 Breuilly’s reduction of his definition of nationalism to a political principle is motivated by his perception that theories of nationalism (such as those advanced by Anthony D. Smith, whom he specifically confronts) are vague and impractical. ” This political doctrine asserts: “(a) There exists a nation with an explicit and peculiar character. (b) The interests and values of this nation take priority over all other interests and values. 8 | Ethnicity, Identity, and Nationalism in Iran (c) The nation must be as independent as possible.

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